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We just found East Layton's newest park! 

This park is gorgeous and awesome. We have already been 3 times this week and can't get enough. East Layton is a more established community, so our parks are all older. Most of them have been upgraded from the metal slides of my childhood to the plastic play grounds. The park in our neighborhood even has an old metal merri-go-round. West Layton is still growing and has all the fun splash pads and cool new parks, so when we found out about this park we were so excited to have something so amazing close to home.

This place is right up there with our favorite parks in the Northern Davis county area: Castle Park, Sunshine Park, and Layton park.

It has pickle ball, tennis, and basket ball courts. A large flat grass field. Plenty of trees to explore around a forested area, gazebo, large bowery with tables, bathrooms, tiny tots jungle gym, several large jungle gyms, zip lines, rope course, slides, zen rocks, sand table, cave, rock climbing...

They even have this work out area so parents can work out while the kids play. Each station has pictures of different exercises you can do.

Zen rocks and sand table.

Chalk wall.


Ropes course.

Plus a gorgeous view!

There's also a walking/stroller path.

The one downside is that the land fill is just northwest of the park down the hill. So if the wind is blowing toward the park, you can smell the fresh scent of garbage. On the plus side, there is a lot of wild life. Our boys saw a family of quail in the forest area and a deer behind the fence by the dump.

This really is a beautiful park! I don't think it is dog friendly, but like i said, there are no signs up yet. Most Layton parks are not dog friendly. Layton also does not provide garbage cans, so you must pack in and pack out. I actually prefer this because it cuts down on flies if you are having a picnic. So just be prepared to take your trash with you.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Stroller/wheelchair friendly
  • Bathrooms and Drinking fountain
  • No signs for animal policty (yet)
  • No garbage cans (pack it in, pack it out)
  • Perfect for ALL ages

DIRECTIONS: It's a new road so it's not coming up on the map, follow the map link below but don't turn right at the end, just keep going straight and you'll run right into it.

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