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Remember last year when we told you about Lantern Fest? Well, it's happening again! Mark your calendars for April 30th!

Adam Ritchey is sharing his photos and experience with his family from 2015. Basically, it's like a Tangled scene in Tooele. Sounds amazing right?

Last year I was able to attend the lantern fest held at the Seabase facility near Tooele.  This was a first for me and my family. In just over a month, I'll attend my second located at the Miller motor speedway. It was something we won't forget. The Salt Project has spend countless hours trying to bring to light as many family friendly activities as possible. Presenting the info you need to make memories year after year with your loved ones. I was lucky enough to attend this event and am happy to put into words the things I saw and felt. What follows is my personal story.

We got there a little early. The event was in a newer location and we wanted a great spot. Everyone else had the same idea. Fortunately there was plenty of room left and we made our way into the seating area. Lots of smiles and chatter from big families and small families alike. There is an announcer struggling to gather attention from everyone, cracking jokes and talking about rules and procedure. People are half listening but preparing for the upcoming launch.

Quickly people are scribbling down their dreams, fears, and captions to watch them float away. Our family chose to just write names of family we have lost. The crowd, getting quite excited, gets louder and louder. Anticipation and energy is building as the sun sets and the night sky grows dark. The announcer trying to explain the right and safe way to prep for launch, also gets louder and louder. People begin to shake out their lantern opening them up. Wide eyed and ready they start to place lanterns over torches to fill them with hot air.

What was dimly lit area begins to glow with swelling lanterns. A warm glow grows and grows. Children laugh and people chant. The crowd is ready. The count down begins......and upon reaching 1, all is released. I am a photographer and it's my job to notice things. But for a few seconds as these gently floating lanterns filled the sky, I think I was the only one to notice the complete silence. Adults and children in complete awe of the beautiful event unfolding. It was magic. The quiet lasted a minute or two.

The lanterns shrunk in size and everyone realized what had just taken place. And was ready for more. With an eruption of joy a second and third lantern was prepared and allowed to lift. I won't forget that night and truly hope to attend more. My children and I truly had a great experience.

Adam Ritchey

Not convinced yet? Well, perhaps you better take a look at this amazing video from Circa3 in Ogden!

Lantern Fest 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah from Circa3 on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 30th 2016
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