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Lantern Fest has come and gone this year, but we thought you might the low-down. When I thought of Lantern Fest, I assumed it was just a night thang. You know, release hundreds of lanterns into the night sky. The gates opened around 3pm and they had activities everywhere! Face painting, bounce houses, food trucks, live's really a half day party! SO NEXT YEAR, GO EARLY.

When it was time to start roasting the mallows, we opened our Lantern Fest boxes.

Each box contained a S'mores kit, glow sticks & permanent marker (to write our hopes and dreams on the lantern.)

It was a SUPER windy day. Remember when all those trees go blown over from the Easterly Winds? Well, that WAS the day of Lantern Fest.

As the sun went down, the wind died down too.

After s'mores we started designing our lanterns.

Finally, it was time to start lighting and releasing the lanterns. (It was a little more difficult because of the wind.)

It really was a powerful moment. I may have gotten a little emotional.

Something about being surrounded by thousands of people all staring into the sky, letting their hopes and wishes fly away.

It was also hilarious watching AWOL lanterns flit away into the sky...or not go into the sky. Because of the wind, it made take-off super tricky.

Lantern Fest was ever prepared. There were volunteers that walked around and helped you if your lantern was being stubborn.

Even then, it was a surreal experience.

Be sure to check out The Lantern Fest website and watch for the next event!

We may or may not have a giveaway next week for one of their sister companies...Slide the City and Dirty Dash!


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