LaBeau's Drive-In & Bear Lake Bike Barn KOA

Bear Lake Bike Barn KOA was kind enough to sponsor the Salt Project with some surrey bikes this past weekend. Have you ever ridden a Surrey bike before? Have you ever done a Chinese Fire Drill while 24 months pregnant on a surrey bike? (Peer pressure is still alive and well.) Well, let me tell you, it's kind of awkward and funny all at the same time.

LaBeau's Drive-In

69 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT 84028

Not far from the Bike Barn is LaBeau's Drive-In. I'm not gonna lie, those surrey bikes are kind of intense. After about 10 minutes, I was like "Anybody want to stop and get a SHAKE?!!"

Luckily, we came to LaBeau's short after. We ordered some Raspberry, Oreo and Peanut Butter cup shake. All separate, not mixed together mind you. (Thanks LaBeau's!) Stephanie really loved the Oreo shake and we are still on the search for the best Raspberry Shake in Garden City. LaBeau's has been in business for 30+ years and now the Grandma is selling the business to her grandson to keep it in the family. How awesome is that?

We gobbled up the shakes, refreshed and ready to ride back.

We were able to fit Stephanie's family of 7 of the Large Surrey and I was able to fit my family of 5 on the Small Surrey bike. The kids LOVED being able to ring the bell the whole time. It actually had a super sweet tone to it, so we didn't mind it going off constantly. We did try to race a bit, but let's face it, this pregnant mama isn't about to do a whole lot of serious biking.

Coming back was a little bit easier since it was slightly downhill.

The bike path we took is called the Bear Trail-Road Bike Route and it's only 4.5 miles. While we couldn't bike it on the Surrey, I have done it on my regular bicycle and it's a fun easy ride.

Thanks to LaBeau's and the Bike Barn for hosting The Salt Project! We loved every minute of it!

If you are going to spend some time in Garden City, be sure to check out LaBeau's Drive-Inn and the Bear Lake Bike Barn KOA!

Helpful Tips
  • The Surrey Bikes aren't quite a smooth as a normal bike. They require a bit more effort.
  • While we could have ridden with our babies in the front seat, we chose to wear them in a carrier just to be safe.

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