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A few weeks ago we did a bike meet-up at Knudsen Park in Holladay and man, it is a BEAUTIFUL park! We got to Knudsen Park just a few minutes early and my kids LOVED it. Not only is the play pieces cool, but the landscape is something else. I can't remember being in such a pretty park. 

As soon as we arrived at Knudsen Park the kids were off exploring! 

Swings, slides, things to climb on, this park has everything. 

Super random but these bathrooms are NICE. I've been to lots of gross park bathrooms so this was a big winner for me! 

The main highlight for my kids was the water feature! My kids love interactive water features and luckily, the water was still running. 

The kids had to actually work to get the water up too. I knew as soon as I saw this water feature, that my husband was going to love it too. Win-Win for all!

WOOM Bike Meet-Up

You may not know this already, but here at The Salt Project, we LOVE WOOM Bikes. (See all of our past posts here.) We've been using WOOM bikes for years and can totally give a first-hand experience about HOW amazing WOOM is. We were super excited to team up with WOOM Bikes and Lisa from Off The Couch to put together a community event. 

Lisa enlisted her older boys to go and hide our prize tickets around Knudsen Park. 

We had all sorts of prizes hidden in the park! 

Both of my kids (5 & 6) have been riding balance bikes for over a year now. I was SUPER excited for this meet-up because the kids were going to get to ride "Pedal Bikes." We hadn't told them yet that we were going to give them pedal bikes from WOOM! (Thanks WOOM!)

These are LITERALLY the first few moments of my kids riding a pedal bike all by themselves. 

Aiko was on and tiptoeing all around for a minute. The next thing I knew, she was OFF! We didn't even hold her seat or anything, she just rode off!

Orion hopped right and started pedaling away. This is the ONLY moment that we even stood next to him! 

I seriously can't BELIEVE how easy WOOM balance bikes made this. There were no tears, no scratches, no holding onto the bottom of their seats, they literally just took off on their own. 

After that, we couldn't stop them from riding around. 

My kids had been riding their bikes about 5-10 minutes and then all of you started showing up for the Bike Meet-Up! 

WOOM Bike Meet-Up

I can't tell you the last time I saw so many kids on bikes. I feel like more and more kids are spending too much time inside and I LOVED seeing all the tiny people riding their wheels! 

Once we gathered everyone up, we explained our bike route and started on out! 

We took a super short bike ride (there were lots of different ages) around Knudsen park. The trail is AMAZING! It's perfect for kids and loops around the whole park. 

Once we finished our loop we explained our scavenger hunt and set everyone loose! 

We had all sorts of prizes from WOOM, Maverick, Recreation Outlet and a few others! It was so fun watching everyone bike around to try and find prize tickets. 

Meanwhile, kids were riding all around the park. 

Really, it's something to watch tiny people biking around. 

Luckily, everyone got a prize thanks to our sponsors! 

Sadly, we didn't get a group photo, but we LOVED seeing all of you! 

Thanks again for joining us! We're hoping to have another bike meet-up soon! 

This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Bathrooms are clean and nice. 
  • Some ADA accessible points.
  • Bike Trail surrounds the park.
  • Plenty of Shade
  • Pavilion
  • Mature Trees
  • Grassy Areas
  • Good Parking Lot
  • Dog-Friendly, but clean up after. 

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