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Stephanie here.

One of our favorite spots to go when we were kids was Hobbs Pond. Back then the trails were small dirt hiking trails, now it is all paved. 

The Kays Creek Trail is a couple miles long, paved and forks at the end. Both forks will take you to the Hobbs Pond.

Hobbs is a small reservoir nestled just below the Ogden bench in Layton below highway 89.

The Kays Creek Trail is great for biking or walking. The trail follows the creek east and ends at Hobbs Pond.

There is lots of wildlife. We have seen a fox, dozens of deer, and lots of birds, fish, and frogs. 

There have been bobcat sightings in the past, as well as a moose and mountain lion years ago, but none of those have been seen in the last couple years.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips


  • Pets welcome (Clean Up Stations are available.)
  • Wheelchair and Stroller friendly on Kays Creek Trail only
  • No Bathrooms
  • No swimming (There used to be an undertow, but they've redone this so we aren't quite sure if you can or can't.)
  • Canoes welcome
  • Fishing with permit only


Adam J. Welker Trailhead 
2700 N. 2125 E. (Parking Lot)
Canyon View Trailhead 
2360 E. Canyon View
Oak Forest Trailhead  (Very Steep going down.)
2459 E. 2750 N.
Lower Trailhead 
2210 N. 1450 E.

4.5 miles of paved trail
(25) Parking Spaces (Located at 2125 East)


harm Mon, 10/19/2015 - 11:33

In reply to by Laurie Larsen

I have kayaked there but it's been a few years. The parking lot is not close to the pond, so it was kind of not worth it. There is a road you can drive down, but I don't think it is for public use either. I've heard people getting tickets, so I'm not quite sure. You could probably call the city to double check.

Renee' Savage Mon, 08/27/2018 - 18:29

I encountered a cougar on this trail today. Called DWS and it was last seen earlier this year. It scared me to death. I absolutely love this trail! Used to play here as a kid, too! And now for years I’ve been taking my kids walking and biking and we’ve seen foxes and deer, tons of cool birds, red tailed hawks. But today, I stood and stared a cougar in the face from 30 feet away. Just wanted you to be aware! There are 2 of them in the area. Be mindful.

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