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I love the end of summer when the temperatures start to cool down and the evenings are particularly pleasant. We’ve been spending a lot of nights going on family walks after dinner. We typically put the little ones in a jogging stroller and let the older ones ride their bikes. That creates enough of a challenge for mom and dad to get moving and try keeping up.

Sometimes we like to explore a new area, rather than just our neighborhood route, and take away the wheels, forcing everyone to slow down and stick together. I love that going on walks with the kids creates such a great environment for open conversation and the kids end up talking our ears off about everything they are doing in school, scouts, sports and with friends.

A new favorite trail that we discovered this summer is only a short drive away from us and last Sunday we invited the extended family along with us to explore Kays Creek Parkway. There are a few exposed sections of trail, but most of the route was shaded in the early evening and best of all, paved. You can bring wheelchairs, strollers, bikes, scooters… any and all non-motorized, wheeled devices basically :)

There are actually multiple trail heads and most have plenty of parking. We met up with Grandma, Grandpa and a few cousins and started out at the Oak Forest trail head. From there we headed east up towards Hobbs pond. 

Along the way we passed some fun little signs that told about the local wildlife and Grandpa pointed out plenty of wild fruit trees and various herbs to the kids. We wandered along at a pretty leisurely pace, the kids would sometimes run ahead and then stop to watch a trail of ants or whatever else distracted them until the adults caught up and herded them along some more.

At one point we passed by Hobbs pond, it is always fun to see this little body of water tucked right into the middle of a residential neighborhood in the middle of town.

We made it pretty far back into the park until we came across this quaint little spot where the creek passed over the trail, with a little bridge and a nice picnic table that made me wish we’d thought to bring some cheese and crackers with grapes or something. The whole scene was rather picturesque.

We let the kids play in the water, instigated a few stick boat races, failed at trying to skip rocks and then headed back out the way we came. We started in the middle of the trail and even still could have continued on, but we didn’t have the time nor the stamina for that.

The sun was just starting to set as we made our way back to the cars and everyone said their goodbyes. We loved this little walk, it was perfect for our family of mixed ages and interests; everyone from Grandma to the youngest toddlers easily walked along (or occasionally rode in an umbrella stroller) and enjoyed the experience together.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Check out Stephanie's Post on the Oak Forest Trailhead.

  • Pets welcome (Clean Up Stations are available.)
  • Wheelchair and Stroller friendly on Kays Creek Trail only
  • No Bathrooms
  • No swimming (There used to be an undertow, but they've redone this so we aren't quite sure if you can or can't.)
  • Canoes welcome
  • Fishing with permit only


Adam J. Welker Trailhead 
2700 N. 2125 E. (Parking Lot)
Canyon View Trailhead 
2360 E. Canyon View
Oak Forest Trailhead  (Very Steep going down.)
2459 E. 2750 N.
Lower Trailhead 
2210 N. 1450 E.

4.5 miles of paved trail
(25) Parking Spaces (Located at 2125 East)


40.734771, -111.895752

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