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Spring is almost here and I have always wanted to try a Juice Cleanse. Just Organic Juice in SLC provides 1 and 3 day cleanses and has several different types to choose from. They are made fresh and are available for pick up or delivery! You just call in your order and let them know when you want to start your cleanse so they can have everything ready for you.

I have been eating so bad lately, and craving dessert every night and I heard that a cleanse can help with that so I was going to give it a try.

(This was my first cleanse)

Day 1. Ok, this is it! I'm not big on "drinks." I basically drink water and I'll have a soda or chocolate milk once or twice a month. But I LOVE to eat! I love, love, love food! So I knew this was going to be a challenge. I was surprised to find that I wasn't hungry AT ALL! If I did start to feel hungry, I would look at the clock and realize it was time for another juice. There are 6 per day so about 1 every 2 hrs. So you are always feeling full (and have to pee a lot FYI).

You drink the juices in the order that they tell you and end each night with the Almond Delight. Oh, man, I could drink that one every night for the rest of my life! SO GOOD!

They also said that you might experience side effects like headaches and fatigue, this is NOT from the juice, it's from the detox. I didn't experience anything (other than cheeseburger cravings) but that's because I really just drink water. If you are addicted to Diet Coke, coffee, or anything else you are trying to cleanse from, you will experience more side effects I'm sure.

All four of my kids (ages 2-11) wanted to sample each juice so I let them each have a sip when I started each new one. They all liked them, Riz (6) would have drank the entire bottle if I let him. 

Half way done with day 1, I was really craving a cheeseburger at this point. I was full but just craved something warm that I could chew. I didn't try gum, it wouldn't have helped, I just needed food! But I downed my next juice and the craving went away.

Having the sweet almond juice at the end of the day was a life saver. That's what got me through to the end without cheating, plus, there was no way I was going to cheat! I'm the one that chose to do this for the benefit it would give my body, so there was no way I was going to cheat! But that craving for food is a strong one!

After the weekend of all Juice I felt AMAZING! I slept so good! (don't know if thats a side effect but I did have the best sleep of my life). I also felt more slim (no bloating). And the best part... NO SUGAR CRAVINGS! I still can't believe it! I had a bite of a cookie today and it was just too sweet and I just didn't want it, so I put it down. (Wha? that would never happen before, If I start something I finish it). 

So there you have it. I LOVED it! (even though it was hard and I craved real food.) I would totally recommend it and I definitely plan on doing it again!

All the juices were amazing (unless you hate beets, I love beets so I loved the beety ones) I feel better, and I know that my body is better for it. If you guys do a cleanse be sure to tag us on instagram so we can follow your journey, we loved sharing ours. If you have any questions please let us know!


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