Jump Off Canyon Trail

The elusive waterfall of #JumpoffCanyon is making an appearance right now and you don’t want to miss it!
Take advantage of the holiday weekend and add this beautiful hike to your #bucketlist if it isn’t already on it!

It only flow for a few weeks each year and I'm guessing it will be gone after the first week of June.

To add to the beauty of this already stunning hike, the wild flowers are in full bloom!

I would definitely recommend the 1st half of this hike for any age. The paths, the stunning views, the flowers, the bridge and crossing the little streams. All amazing.

The second half would definitely be considered moderate to hard. The trail is short but steep with a few scrambles and lots of loose rock. Also a few river crossings. You’ll definitely want waterproof boots. This is my favorite brand and they have an amazing guarantee. You can take them out on the trails and give them ago. If you aren't in love, just send them back for a full refund. They truly have the best customer service.

You will also want some hiking polls. I've never used them until this hike and I'm SO glad I had some. The second half is super steep and I would have been sliding down on my butt normally. But with polls you have so much extra support. They help a ton going up hill too and are so light and compact. These are are a killer deal and have insane reviews. Plus they pack up extra small.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


The trailhead has a small parking lot. No bathrooms. So plan accordingly.

This is the route. There are multiple little trails in the area so i recommend opening all trails app and following the trail they provide. If you head to the north loop you will find the bridge. The south loop has more flowers and streams.




There are multiple river crossings on the second half of the trail. Once you reach this area the trail will start crossing over the river back and forth. If you have littles, this is where you will want to stop. Enjoy the flowers, the views of the valley, and the river. Then take the loop back.

If you are feeling adventurous as I usually am, keep going the half mile up the river to reach the waterfall. Good boots recommended. Lots of loose rocks. and some scrambling. But still, I would consider this moderate since its so short.

You can spy the waterfall coming off the top of the mountain. Thats when you know you are close

The views are stunning.

We made it! This part was steep. We don't recomment for little kids.

I spy Ben Lomond Peak

This bridge can be found on the north loop


Helpful Tips

Dog friendly

No Bathrooms

No water

2.5 mile loop

912 ft elevation gain

Took us 2 hrs

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