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People will often text and say "Hey, what should I do this weekend." Or "It's my birthday, what should I do in Ogden?" You guys, we LOVE it. We're so glad that you are using The Salt Project to help plan your staycations, birthdays, vacations and weekend trips! LOVE IT. We hope we've shown you just HOW much there is to do in Utah. But even we haven't even scratched the surface!

It's true we stay pretty busy at The Salt Project, but Utah is just so much dang fun. Exploring is built within each of us, it's just getting out the door.

Sometimes, we like to hibernate and lay low. Even as I write this, I, Harmony have not been out of the house for the last 3 days. Don't even ask if I got ready or the last time I put a bra on.

Our last weekend was super busy but somehow managed to end with a beautiful scenic drive. Luckily, we still had our Ford F150 from Young Automotive and felt that it needed to see some dirt. Well, my husband felt it needed to see some dirt. He's been obsessed with the truck ever since we took it to Midway. As in true Walker fashion, we decided last minute to head to Mantua Utah. (Pronounced MAN-NU-WAY)

When I say last minute, I really mean last moment. By the time we actually got to Mantua all the firepits we wanted to visit were full and it was getting dark. We pulled over at a random church parking lot ate our dinner and then headed up the dirt roads, not exactly sure where we were going or if we would ever make it back. Dun. Dun. Dun.

We just drove and drove until we'd had enough or until we found a good spot to park. We actually didn't even drive that far but on a dirt road it always seems soooo long. We found a little side road up a hill and came upon the most beautiful view of Mantua and Pineview. The clouds were whispy, the sky was all different shades of colors, it was just perfect.

We quickly set up our chairs so we could truly enjoy the view.

Sometimes, getting out and exploring can be as easy as a drive up the mountains to enjoy a good sunset.

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Helpful Tips

I believe the road we took was Willard Peak. I think we made it about half way to the top before we found the sweet side road. I do recall a giant log half way up the hill in the ground, so if you ever feel the need for a drive. . .

Watch out for four wheelers and hunters.

Make sure you have the proper vehicle to drive up this road, although I did see a crazy van driving like a madman down the mountain.

No Bathrooms (unless you are us and bring your childs toilet.)

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