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Inspiration Point is a 13.2 mile dirt road that starts in Mantua and leads you all the way up to the peak of the mountains! While it's a fairly easy drive for any 4x4 vehicle, we would not recommend it for any other type of vehicle. It's SUPER fun, but can get tricky with all the bumps and rocks. We've tried driving up to Inspiration Point a few times in the past but we were blocked by snow. This time, the gates were open and we didn't see ANY snow. (September 8)

It's a long drive, it took us a little over an hour. 

With a few stops along the driving through this HUGE puddle. 

Two miles before Inspiration Point you'll come to parking lot-ish looking place, but that's not Inspiration Point. If you can, keep following the road until it ends at Inspiration Point! 

We weren't expecting it to be SO cold up at Inspiration Point . Luckily, we had a few extra shirts, but once we started moving around it wasn't so bad. 

We'd heard rumors that there is an awesome crack in the ground and had some general directions. We never found the crack but had lots of fun trying to hike to Willard Peak, the mountain just South East of Inspiration Point. 

When you stand by the bench at Inspiration Point you can see a trail that leads directly south, so we decided to do some quick hiking and see how far we could get with the kids. 

There were all kinds of rock formations and we think we found some slate. 

The rocks were super sharp and the kids were trying to sharpen them and missed. So be careful! 

Below you could see this beautiful pond. Apparently, you used to be able to drive all the way there but now it's just for camping and hiking. 

Look at those views! We were able to see Cache Valley, Morgan and then all of Ogden and the Great Salt Lake! It almost felt like we were looking out at Hawaii! 

Hiking this trail was tricky in some spots, nothing our kids couldn't handle, but they did need a little help climbing down some rocks. 

We heard that there are LOTS of mountain goats in this area! So if you see anything white on the rocks, it's probably a mountain goat. We didn't see any, but we did have a lot of kids who were very noise. 

There were some lovely wildflowers too. 

We stopped for a snack and since we couldn't find the crack we decided to turn around. 

We got back to the car just in time. Clouds started rolling in and we for sure would have been really wet had we stayed out any longer. 

We'd love to see you out on your 4x4 adventures to Inspiration Point! Be sure to #thesaltproject!

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Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Open Seasonally. If there's too much snow the gate will be closed. 
  • No Bathrooms along the road.
  • Cell Phone Service is spotty and almost non-existent in some places. 

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