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I'd almost forgotten about this hike. It's been a month or two since we had hiked it, so that's why the kids are in long sleeves. Indian Creek has many different trailheads, but we started at 22nd Street in Ogden. My sister had researched and read that it was 2 miles or so one way. Come to find out, it's actually 4.3 miles one way. We knew there wasn't enough time for us to do a hike that long, especially with kids on our back. So we decided just to take it easy.

There are so many trails up here, it's like a spaghetti bowl of dirt trails. It's a popular place to find mountain bikers, joggers, walkers and of course hikers. Dogs are allowed on the trails too.

Since we were just beginning the hike, we let the littles do some hiking of their own and wear themselves out.

Indian Trail is kind of steep, this is actually the same part of the trail for Hidden Valley Trail. You can get some AMAZING views of Ogden.

After the steep trek you are rewarded by hiking through the wooded areas.

Indian Trail is known for the steep cliffs on one side. If you don't have kids strapped to your back be sure to keep them close. The trail was wide enough to pass easily but it was pretty high up.

After talking to a few other hikers, we decided to go just a little further to a ridge.

The ridge is a path off of the trail and it was the perfect place to end. It's pretty steep on either side and rocky so you'll want to be careful.

The view was pretty amazing. I wish we had brought the GoPro to get wider shots.

All in all, I'd hike just to this ridge point again. It was a short enough hike and just tough enough you feel like hiking. One day we'll hike it to the end, but probably not with the kids on our backs. If you want to check out more information about this hike, be sure to read here.

If you get to the end, be sure to #thesaltproject, we want to see what's there!

Hidden Valley Trail

This is the cairn from Hidden Valley Trail, we'd love to see some of your photos too!

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