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Our friends took us to this awesome climbing area in Moab. The front is covered in pictographs. It's called the Indian Ladder, but I don't think it's been around that long. The ladder is made up of smooth logs that have been jammed into the cracks in the rock.

All the kids lined up for their turn up. The first ladder is low enough for anyone to climb up, but the next ladder is quite the stretch. I'm guessing its 6ft up. I could reach it on my tippy toes, but didn't have enough upper body strength to do a pull up from hanging, so our friend had to pull each of us up one by one. 

Once we got passed the 1st log, the others were a little closer, but we still needed an extra hand here and there.

Meanwhile... Ginger just did what she does best.


At the very top, there is a very narrow crack that you have to walk sideways through. Then you can look out over the top. It's probably 70-80 ft up.

I spy a camp kitten in a rock.

Berdee had picked this sweet little bouquet for me while I was hiking.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Park at the Moonflower Camp ground

Ladder will be next to the trail head (to the right)

Bathrooms available

Recommended for ages 6 and up


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