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Imperial Park is one of those neighborhood parks that I think if you live close enough to the area, you absolutely need to visit. So for all of you who live in or near SUGAR HOUSE or are really just looking for a quiet, yet engaging neighborhood park to play in this is worth checking out. The novelty of coming here almost never wears off, and we have visited quite a bit- I live in Taylorsville- and there’s enough variety that I think your kids (ages 2 to 5) can be entertained FOREVER. This is the park my kids always ask to visit and we have been to all major parks in our area. If you live in Sugar House, and you’re looking for something less crowded than THE Sugar House Park, I would consider making a visit to Imperial Park located 1560 E Atkin Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84106.

I used to meet up with a friend, during the summer, and we would have little morning work outs while our kids played together for an hour. There’s a grassy field that is a good enough size I think that someone should start a yoga group or an aerobics group here and moms can work out while their kids play. This should be a thing at this park!

Not only is the playground pretty awesome, but so is the sandbox. There is a little water pump that dribbles out water, seriously dribbles, it’s a small little stream of water.

At first, I was worried that my kids would get dirty and get mud all over themselves, but the water flow is so slow it’s not that big of an issue. There are also toy trucks that permanently live here. I’m not sure where they came from, but they are always the same and always here at this location. It’s pretty awesome because my boys gravitate to these Tonka trucks and they just push sand around and when they get bored of pushing sand around they rush to the playground.

Set aside from the standard playground equipment and slide they have this rope-course-thing where it looks fun to climb and swing, probably not appropriate for toddlers or short-legged people, but it’s awesome for those who can do it. My four year old enjoys climbing and swinging on the ropes. They have a three person like teeter-totter that bounces and this weird spinning circle thing that kids like to sit on or lie down on that rotates. They have swings too. :)

When my kids get tired of the playground they go back to the sandbox, which explains why the novelty of this place doesn’t wear off. I can promise you because I have sat at this park for almost 2 hours and I have seen my kids bounce back and forth between the playground and the sandbox. I have also seen other children do it as well. After 2 hours, I still have to pry my kids away.


Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Playground
  • Open Play Field
  • Sandbox
  • Benches
  • Walking Path
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Picnic Tables


-Sandbox is fun has a little water pump

-Sandbox always has trucks to push sand away with

-Huge grassy area and cover area with tables

-Playground equipment is engaging and fun


-No public restrooms

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