Beus Pond | Adventurin'

It was Free Fishing Day last week so we decided to try a new pond and bust out our dusty fishing poles that we use each year on this day.

My kids have never been to Beus, and it's just a hidden gem. The pond is right next to the parking lot but everything is covered in tall trees and shrubs so it feels very secluded. The trail around the pond is very short and paved. There are dirt trail off shoots all around that go to a grassy field and park.

And there is a small river that leads into the pond.



Sometimes, ya just gotta get out of the house and go somewhere.

Sometimes I open up Google Maps just to see if there is a park nearby I didn't know about.






Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

  • Lots of shade trees
  • Dogs allowed
  • Bathrooms available
  • Grassy Areas (although may be wet)
  • Picnic Tables
  • Parking is available on the Country Hills entrance to the park, but is limited.
  • Apparently, there is also a playground nearby, although we walked around the whole pond and saw lots of paths, we never saw it.
  • Paved trail
  • ADA Access
  • Fishing
  • Don't feed the ducks bread

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