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I'm sure you have seen the billboards along i-15, all the clever marketing about saving thousands of dollars when selling your home with Homie. I have. I've always loved their marketing, but I didn't really know what they were about until Harmony listed her house with Homie and sure enough, sold her house quickly, and she saved thousands of dollars at the same time. Ok, I was sold. I knew if I ever needed help buying/selling another home, I was going to give them a go. 

Well, that opportunity came sooner than expected. Last summer we had some tenants moving out of one of our rental properties. They had been there for 7-8 years and had completely DESTROYED it!


There were holes in every wall, doors were kicked in, all the flooring was beyond repair and the place was full of junk.

The home wasn't in the best neighborhood, so getting a good tenant that would care for the home had proved to be impossible. It was time to sell.

We had 30 days to clean, fix, repair, paint, and re-carpet. We replaced windows, electrical, flooring, doors, counters, did yard work, and more. It was a HUGE project!


Before and After of the kitchen. It was SO bad. These photos don't do it justice. My one regret in life is that I didn't get a photo of the fridge. It was so bad that we didn't even attempt to clean it out. Off to the dump it went.

A little paint and new carpet goes a long way.

And before and after of the main bath. Not bad for 3 people doing a 30 day flip.


We have always sold investment properties FSBO (for sale by owner) because lets be honest, we want to keep our hard earned equity and not just give it all away.  So I scheduled a FSBO open house, complete with flowers, cookies, and balloons. And guess what! Not a single person came. I was shocked! This had always worked before. Time for plan B.

I remembered back a couple of years before when Harmony had sold her home with Homie (and saved all that money). I reached out to Homie that day and the following Saturday we had our account set up,  a sign in front of the home, a listing on the MLS with photos, a second open house AND by that night we had 3 offers! 

Homie was SO easy to work with. I was blown away by the service and the quick responses to email and text. 

Their site is so easy to navigate. We were notified immediately when someone wanted to set up a showing, put in an offer, or send an addendum.

Our team was on top of every thing and handled all of the back and forth between the buyer and us once we were under contract.

The entire process was a breeze! It was quick, easy, and the best part is that we did the entire thing from our computer and saved thousands of dollars! You guys, seriously thousands! I'm still amazed at how fast and easy it all was.

Homie was started here in Utah, their customer service is top notch, and they save you REAL money. 



We put SO much work into this home to get it sold. We needed a quick sale and hated the idea of handing over our hard earned equity for realtor fees. When you want to get your house sold quickly and still keep the most amount of money possible in your pocket, it's a no brainer to use Homie. We will definitely be using them again in the future.

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