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I'll admit, the first time I laid eyes on my BOB (Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie) jogging stroller I was worried.

It. was. large.

I mean, I know double strollers are freaking large, but this was crazy when I compared it to my 5'1" petite self. 

It sounds ridiculous but I was extremely self-conscious. I'm not normally one to care about how I look to others (really) but I kind of felt downright silly next to this gloriously large stroller. I was convinced just by looking at it that it was made for normal sized people, not short, half-Asian folks.

After having this stroller for a few months now, I can honestly say, I freaking LOVE my BOB stroller. I even somehow managed to get my husband to pack it on the roof box on our car. BECAUSE I COULDN'T LIVE without it!

Here are the many ways BOB won me over. 

The handlebar is adjustable. WHAT THE WHAT!? As I said, I'm 5'1" and my husband is 5'9", so there is a bit of a height difference. He and I BOTH love that we can adjust it to whoever is pushing. 

I can fit my 4 kids on this stroller. When you have 4 kids under the age of 6, who happens to be way below average on height, weight and size, all these tiny legs get real tired exploring Utah. 

This stroller is SMOOOOOTH. I never knew a stroller could be so smooth. It also doesn't feel like it's tipping over as my last limousine stroller did on any kind of incline. 

It FITS through a normal sized DOOR. You better believe it. It looks large, but it glides RIGHT through the doors, AMAZING everyone who sees it!

The SHOCKS! I mean, who knew I would care about the shocks on my stroller, but DANG, they are freaking amazing. Everyone who touches my stroller somehow notices the shocks!

The canopies cover everything. My tiny Farah is soooo fair. Like, I've never seen a child so fair, especially when her older sister hasn't used sunscreen in her whole short life. So when I figured out that the shade canopies literally cover her entire body up with shade, I felt like a champion.

Adjustable Seats. I never knew how important it was that your kids could lean back in a stroller to sleep or sit straight up to see the world. Now, I know why my kids never really napped in a stroller well.

Slices through sand like butter. That's right, I took this stroller to the beach. I loaded it up with babies and beach stuff and pushed it like a champ. 

Wheels pop off easily to put in my car. It's ridiculous how easy those wheels can be pulled off.

Here are a few things that are bothersome, but don't really matter in the end, because I LOVE MY BOB. 

When you fold up the BOB, sometimes the strap that holds it together won't fit together unless you have the handlebar places just right. It's more just annoying. 

While it fits in my Land Cruiser, it takes up ALL the space. Luckily, it does fit on our rooftop box, but it takes some serious muscle to hoist that sucker onto the roof. (When I mean muscle, I mean the husband, I can pull it down, but I don't really enjoy getting it into the roof box.)

My husband and I both fight who gets to push the stroller. It probably has something to do with all the above statements but seriously. My husband has never said "I'll push the stroller" willingly.  So I guess we can say "WE love our BOB Stroller!"

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