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Tis the season of hikes! We haven't been on this hike, but last year we went around the same time and it was lush with greenery.

This was The Salt Projects' first hike with the whole gang!

With 11 kids ages 9 months to 10 years it was actually nice.

We heard that the hike was only 2 miles, then we heard 7 miles, then I just read on the Davis County Map that it's 3.3 miles round trip. The map also claimed to have a water fall and pool at the end. We're not sure how far we went, as we didn't see a waterfall or pool at the end, but the kids and mamas were happy so that's all that counts, right?

You may be asking, how does one hike with so many kids? Well, you have to have the appropriate baby wearing gear for sure. (Just play some The Price is Right music in your head with an awesome announcer saying the following.)

  • Stephanie has on little Ellis wearing a Snugly baby carrier, that she only had used a handful of times before. She gives it a thumbs dowwwwn.
  • Olyvia is wearing Orion in an Ergo Baby (similar to this one.) and gave it BIG a thumbs up! Harmony also SWEARS by it. 
  • Melinda is wearing Jefferson in a hiking Kelty Kids Child Carrier (similar to this one.) and gives it a thumbs up. Although she wishes it had more storage.
  • Harmony is wearing Aiko using an Osprey Packs Poco Carrier (similar to this one.) hiking pack and gives it a neutral as she isn't quite sure if she had it right and it was her first time carrying Aiko. (Usually, she hikes with her husband and he always carries Aiko and she carries Orion.) There is plenty of storage though. 

If you are looking for a water hike that may require trudging through the river, this is your hike.

The hike was so lovely. 

We had to cross the river quite a few times. Sometimes, without reason, mainly just to see what was on the other side.


Oh, okay, so there was mud. At the very beginning, which we were sure to avoid, but on the way back was a different story.

Yolo right?!

Be sure to #thesaltproject when you go hiking!


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