Hobb's Pond Hike in Layton

Hello NEW HIKE IN LAYTON! Best Part? It's right in our stomping grounds! Layton's new trail at Hobb's Pond is freaking amazing! It's about 2.4 miles and can be done in a loop. Half of it is a new dirt trail and the other half is the paved trail of Kays Creek. 

Stephanie and Locke were out exploring at Hobb's Pond on the Kays Creek Trail and happened upon this new trail! 

Naturally, they had to follow it.

They could NOT believe it! The hike was SO awesome that they decided to do it again the next day with the rest of their family and then 2 days later with friends! 

Look at these GIANT trees!

This trail has log stairs, bridges, beautiful scenery, views of the pond and mountains and terrain that's family-friendly! 

After Stephanie had hiked it twice, we brought along a group of friends to hike. Most of us had toddlers (5 to be exact) and I'd say our toddlers did 90% of it themselves. The trail isn't exactly flat, but it's not terribly steep either. There are a few steep parts, but nothing crazy. I'd call it "hilly." 

This spot is perfect for a quick snack with the kids. It's at the bottom of the stairs and is fairly flat. There are lots of logs to sit on too. 

You've got to hike this soon, the leaves are amazing and the scenery is STUNNING. 

This bridge is amazing! It's made out of an old cottonwood tree that fell. 

There wasn't a bridge across this little stream, so Stephanie and her family decided to do some work! 

This was probably the steepest part. Stephanie said it right when she described this trail as "The Bridge to Terabithia, marshland, then desert, then Terabithia again."

Hooray for Layton City! Thanks for getting this trail set up for us! 

This doesn't look exactly sturdy and it kind of looks like it's for a rope swing and it's right next to the trail. 

See that VIEW?!!

If you want, you can hike all the way on the dirt trail until it meets up with the paved trail. We opted to go on the paved trail on our way out. It's about 1.4 miles on the paved part back to the cars. See more on our map below. Or we could have just turned around and gone the way we came.

This trail is amazing! Help keep it amazing by respecting the private property, stay on the trail and keeping it clean!

Be sure to tag #TheSaltProject on all your photos! We'd LOVE to share your adventures! 

The Salt Project
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2.5 Hours (We had 5 toddlers with us.)
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • We entered on 2750 E. Address below. 
  • 2.5 hours to hike (with 5 toddlers who did most of it themselves)
  • There are a few different ways to enter Hobb's. You can enter on 2750 E and head down the steep but short hill. We accessed the actual dirt trail by entering at the gate at the fence. From there you'll keep continuing east towards the mountains. There's a well-maintained trail the whole way. There are a couple of steep/rocky points to get down at the beginning. If you find yourself in a pile of concreate, you are in the right place. We all got down by sliding down or giving each other a hand down the hill. 
  • We couldn't find the exact length but it's about 2.4 miles if you follow our map. 
  • The paved section is around 1.4 miles (if you cut across the dam area) 
  • Dog-Friendly
  • You can fish Hobb's Pond, you'll need a license and check out the rules posted. (No bait allowed.)
  • No swimming in Hobb's Pond. Signs are posted. Hobb's Pond is privately owned and the owners do water ski there.
  • The terrain is hilly and a few steep parts. There are 3 sets of stairs and bridges.
  • We took 5 toddlers and 5 other kids under the age of 14. While I think it's totally doable for anyone, it was getting long at the last .25 miles with the toddlers. They were tired. 
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks.
  • There's a picnic table on the very east side on the paved trail but plenty of other spots to picnic on a log. 
  • There were some mosquitos when we got to the marshy areas.
  • Be respectful of private property. This is the first time the public (that we've known of in 30 years) has been allowed to go ALL THE way around Hobb's Pond, let's keep it that away! 

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