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After a not so good night sleep (notice the haggard look on everyone's faces) we got off to a late start to hike Navajo Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park. Navajo Trail/Loop is 1.3 miles but we decided to hike to Two Bridges which is .6 miles one way.  I've written about hiking Navajo Trail which can combine with Queens Garden in a Loop trail here, but in the winter, this hike is a "there and back again" instead of a loop.

Since we went in January, we knew the trail would be muddy/icy/snow. Luckily, it was going to be sunny but still cold. The first part of the hike was the only part that was icy...and real icy at that. There is a chain link fence on this part so we just hung on and slid down the trail.

It was the perfect day to hike.

This trail is all about the views. The kids even appreciated the views. We also spent much of our time watching where our feet went since it was pretty muddy. There was a constant flow of water running down the side. Orion loved to watch the water flow and/or splash through it.

You've probably seen many photos of this area. It's where there's a billion switchbacks through the canyon. Coming down was a breeze, but I was a little concerned about having to drag the kids out of the cn

At the bottom of the switchbacks is Two Bridges. (Easily identified with the signage.) Since this was the end of our hike, we decided to have a little snack and water then head back up the switchbacks.

There's plenty of sitting places down at Two Bridges.

Don't forget to smell the delicious Ponderosa Trees. I've talked about them before, but seriously, butterscotch people.

Hiking back up the switch backs wasn't that bad actually. The kids didn't even seem to notice the back and forth.

We also played "Heigh-Ho" from Snow White a billion times, so that helped make it a fun trek. (Luckily, we didn't pass too many people so they wouldn't get annoyed with our song.)

Sometimes I wonder if my kids even notice the vast COOLNESS they've just hiked through. Last time we hiked this, I remember this Chinese guy asking us all sorts of questions while we hiked. He was blown away that the kids were on my back while we were hiking. He flew here all the way from China just to see Bryce Canyon National Park.

The Majestic Thor's Hammer.

The best photo we could get of me...with a photo bomber.

I think Aiko felt a little proud here. She was able to look below and see other hikers and just how far she'd hiked.

Remember that icy part at the beginning of the trail? Well, it was about here when Orion finally had had enough. Derek had to literally drag him up the last 50 feet.

I'm so proud of my tiny people. We've been working hard to build up their endurance and I think it's paying off!

Also, since this was one of the hikes from the "Hike the Hoodoos Challenge" we were able to get our prize! We hiked Queens Garden the night before and then Navajo for our 3 miles! 1.8 miles + 1.2 Miles = 3 miles! (We did also hike Mossy Cave, but since it's outside of the park, we didn't want to drive back.)

We showed our photos proudly to one of the Rangers at the Visitors Center and she proudly gave us our stickers! You can also purchase a pin if you'd like.

Don't forget to get your stamps for you National Park Passports. We always get a stamp in our travel book.

Entrance Fee(s)
National Park Fees Apply
Helpful Tips
  • 1.2 miles round trip (to Two Bridges)
  • Most websites say moderate hike, that being said, my 5 year old made it all by herself. Our 3 year made it 95% of the way on his own.
  • Wear layers when hiking in the cold. Layers that can easily be shed and not too bulky.
  • It’s slippery, muddy, snowy and sometimes icy on the ground. My kids wore normal shoes, nothing fancy and they did just fine.
  • Be sure to dress the tiny ones extra warm.
  • Take Water and snacks.

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