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Thor's Hideout is a new trail located in the Thunderbird Garden in beautiful Cedar City! It’s part of the new Thunderbird Gardens, literally tucked on the east side of Cedar City. Cedar Sports told us it's a cool place to go mountain biking, but we decided to try hiking it. The trail is 1.3 miles one way and with the word “Hideout” we knew it was for us! Plus...there's a bonus! We hiked the extra .3 miles to Thor's Lookout and there's a big surprise there! Scroll to see it below!

Thunderbird Garden is a trailhead for mountain biking, OHV riding, horseback riding, hiking and apparently, you can also do some climbing and repelling there too! Next time! 

We packed all 9 of our kids and then also brought along the cousins, so we had 15 kids under the age of 14!

 If we can do it, you can too. 

Loving our new bag (Code:SALT for 20% off)

The trail is well marked, maybe even a little too well. There’s a few spots that are confusing because there’s Thor’s Hideout Trail for hiking and biking and then there's Thor’s Hideout Trail for ATVS. 

So you just need to pay attention to the signage. 

Check out Steph's new kicks! We're trying out Forsake shoes and so far, she's loved them!

You guys, it’s so beautiful back there. You’ll hike through red rocks, honeycomb rocks, sand, and all sorts of beautiful desert scenery. 

There are some switchbacks, but our 2-year did 90% of the hike herself, albeit a very slow pace, but she did do it. 

Our favorite part was the wooden bridge! Nothing like a bridge to get everyone excited. 

You’ll also cross over some creek areas (barely running now in March, so I can’t imagine it's got much water in the dead of summer.) 

Once we got to the end of Thor's Hideout you’ll be rewarded with a BEAUTIFUL view of snowy capped mountains and desert.


Can you see the tiny kids on here? They actually hiked .3 miles further to find out what Thor's Lookout was. 

But the best part of the hike?! Thor's Lookout! 

You guys! There is totally a sandstone throne for Thor! 

You better believe we took all the photos! 

Be sure to tag us when you make it to the throne! #TheSaltProject!

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The Salt Project
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Helpful Tips
  • 1.3 Miles ONE Way.
  • Thor's Lookout is .3 miles from the end of Thor's Hideout. 
  • We had 15 kids under 14 who hiked this. I'd say it's doable for about anyone. 
  • Bring water. 
  • Semi-Shady but I can imagine it's REAL hot during the middle of summer.
  • Bathrooms located at trailhead.
  • Paths are marked well, but make sure you aren't following the ATV paths. It's kind of confusing to see two signs with basically the same information, but one is marked for ATV and other is hiking. 


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