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It was Memorial Weekend and I knew all the world would be down in Southern Utah hiking all my favorite hikes. I actually REALLY wanted to hike Hidden Canyon in Zion National Park (I've never done it.) Apparently, there were going to be record amounts of visitors. So, we checked around for new hikes and I found this one in Kanarraville.

Now this hike shouldn't be confused with Kanarraville Falls hike. Spring Creek is actually a slot canyon hike south of town and has similar aspects, all except the ever awesome rock waterslide. Since we've hiked Kanarraville Falls many times, we figured it would be okay to try out a new one. Spring Creek has a slot canyon that eventually split into two. I found different versions of the hike and varying lengths so we decided just to hike until the kids had enough.

We gathered the troops, ages 2-63 and headed out.

We read that Spring Creek was family friendly and not very busy. There were a couple cars already in the parking lot, but we only passed 2 or 3 families. Aiko (3) hiked quite a ways by herself, but then I kind of got tired waiting for her. She would stop and look at all the different rocks, flowers, ants, dirt piles and everything else every two steps. It's pretty adorable for a minute or so.

There were two steep areas in the beginning, but nothing we couldn't all do.

As we were driving to the hike, I talked about how I'd never seen a snake on a hike. Suddenly, there was one! We weren't sure what kind, so be sure to watch out and leave them alone.

It's pretty much in the sun most of the way, so take advantage of the small shady spots that you find. Although it did get more and more shady as you got to the canyon.

Since it was the first hot weekend of the year, everything was still so GREEN. It's like the world was showing off all the colors in high saturation mode. The green was so much more lush than usual. Especially with the red mountains beside it.

As we got closer to the slot canyons, there began to be a whole lot more greenery.

There were crazy piles of vines all over and all sorts of wildflowers. Seriously, it was so gorgeous.

Finally, we made it to the slot canyons!

It was hard to take a picture from top to bottom.

After about an hour and a half we decided to stop and have a break. My husband and brother in law went further to see if there was anything we needed to see. We sat with the kids and had some snacks and water. After resting a few minutes, we decided to turn around at that point.

The stream wasn't very big but it was the perfect size for the kids.

These photos are from my husband when he hiked further.

He said the slot canyon got narrower about 100 feet further than we went. I was kind of bummed we didn't stop and wait for them instead of turning around.

The views were very much like Zion National Park, just without all the crowds.

Little Orion and I decided to wait at the stream for his dad.

I'm glad we stopped. It gave me a few quiet moments to really the canyons.

I just got me a pair of made right in Southern Utah! They are way lighter than my Chacos and honestly hiking in them went really well. I was surprised by how well they gripped the ground so I wouldn't slip. This summer I plan to put them to the test. I've already got a tan line on my feet! (I also used them paddleboarding.)

Here are the shady spots I mentioned earlier. See how lush and lovely it is?

We started the hike around 3 pm and while it was pretty hot coming in, on the way out it started cooling off.

It's probably a good thing we turned around early in the hike. The kids started getting a little tired....

While we didn't finish the hike, it still gave us our "Zion Fix."

We'll be back again, maybe without the kids next time, just so we can make it in and out and see the Sweetwater Gluch, whatever that may be!

If you post photos, #thesaltproject we want to see!

Helpful Tips
  • Here's a map from
  • I'm not quite sure how far we hiked, but I've read that the first 2.75 miles is the best part. I feel like we got a pretty good view.
  • No bathrooms
  • Parking Lot is pretty easy to find.
  • The hike was pretty level and easy for all ages. (At least the part we did.) Except for the two steep areas, it was flat.
  • Watch out for snakes and lizards. We saw a kid with 4 lizards in a Critter Container.  I kind of thought it was genius! My husband and I grew up in the desert and always caught lizards.
  • Horseflies. It seemed liked if you stopped for too long the horseflies would bite you. They seemed to be worse once you got closer to the water too.

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