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We've been asked a few times about date ideas for high school's finally here. I feel like dating scene has changed so much since I've been in high school. It seemed like there were less places to go and everyone went to all the chain restaurants. Now, I feel like it's more local and mom and pop. So here's 22 High School Date Ideas in Utah! Plus a few food places I'm craving currently. 

Don't forget to check and see if you can get a group discount!

  1. Flynn's Retrocade | Roy

    This might be SUPER Retro for High School Kids, but it will probably be all new to them!

  2. Social Axe Throwing | Ogden

    Get your plaid out and learn how to thrown an Axe!

  3. Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve | Layton

    Free but fun. Bring some Hot Chocolate and go sight seeing. 

  4. Dartside | Layton

    Perfect for group dates. 

  5. The Leonardo | Salt Lake City

    Impress your date with a whole bunch of fun, while actually learning. 

  6. Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City

    Is your date a dino lover?

  7. K1 Racing | Salt Lake City

    Nothing says fun like racing to win. 

  8. Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Family Night | Draper

    Impress your date with rope bridges and monster fish. 

  9. iFly | Ogden

    It may be cold outside, but you can fly inside with iFly. 

  10. Ogden Christmas Village | Ogden

    While it's super pretty at night, it's still worth visiting during the day. 

  11. Ninja Warehouse | Ogden

    Think you've got what it takes? Try an obstacle with your date at open gym!

  12. Harry Potter | Christmas in the Wizarding World | Sandy

    No one is too good for Harry Potter fun.

  13. The Front Climbing Gym | Ogden

    Set up a climbing class with your BFF.

  14. Clark Planetarium | Salt Lake City

    Free fun and you can always add on a movie for a small price. 

  15. Fly High Trampoline Park | Ogden

    Jump your hearts out. 

  16. Gilgal Sculpture Garden | Salt Lake City

    Visit this slightly weird and crazy park for free. 

  17. The Escape Key | Salt Lake City

    Think you guys are smart enough? Perfect for group dates. 

  18. Hill AFB Museum | Roy

    Free, but you've got to love Airplanes. 

  19. Tracy Aviary | Salt Lake City

    Whimsical and when was the last time you went?

  20. Crystal Hot Springs | Honeyville

    Go down the waterslides in hot water!

  21. Surf 'n' Swim | Layton

    Surfing waves in the winter is sure to be a winner. 

  22. SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium | Layton

    Hang out with the birds, reptiles and yes, even the mermaids.


Here's just a few ideas for some of our favorite food places. 

  1. Lucky Slice Pizza | Ogden/Layton

  2. Jeremiah's | Ogden

  3. Spitz Downtown - Home of the Döner Kebab | Salt Lake City

  4. Rovali's | Ogden

  5. Parkstone | Farmington

  6. Maria's Mexican Restaurant | South Ogden

  7. Pig & A Jelly Jar | Ogden

  8. Sill's Cafe | Layton

  9. Windy's Sukiyaki | Ogden

What do you think? Are these places your High Schooler would go? Tag us if they go! #thesaltproject


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