High Adventure Park | Ogden

Every time I write post about how awesome the weather is and how it can't get any better, it DOES.  Just last week, Steph was out for homeschool and they found this hidden gem in the heart of Ogden.

There, they found a shallow river, rocks to climb, the Ogden Trail, a bridge, 10 giant structures to climb and explore, plus the slides and swings!

So much park and adventuring in such a small area!

Think Swiss family Robinson meets the Jensens! It was the perfect mix of nature and modern.

All the toys were surrounded by a 2-3 foot cement wall, which is perfect to keep the toddlers away from the road and river.

Definetly an awesome park. We had kids ages 1-9 and they all loved it.  Plus, while Stephanie was there, a bunch of teens stopped by to play after school.  My husband and I were discussing how we would totally go without the kids too.  It's like an epic junglegym for the adults too.

The kids gave it 100 stars!

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Bathrooms: No
Garbage receptacles: Yes
Located in a quiet neighborhood.

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