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I always seem to plan too much and not plan well enough. For instance, we decided one morning to go hiking, knowing we had to be somewhere at noon. This particular, steep, hike: Hidden Valley.

We didn't make it down in time. We didn't make it until 1:10pm.

You know how when you start hiking and you keep thinking, it can't be much further?

Then you meet someone on the trail and decide it can't be that much more.

Only to get tired and start realizing that it's much farther than you think, but at least you notice the pretty flowers.

These slate rock chips are pretty cool too.

Then you start thinking about how it would be nice to have a llama who packs in all your stuff, including the children you are carrying on your back.

Only to meet a guy with two goats instead.

So that gets you thinking even more about getting a llama to carry your children.

Then you decide to take yet another break, mainly so you can get a snack and take those babies off your back.

Plus the hike has awesome views.

Then those babies that are on your back somehow notice a ladybug on a tree.

While you and the dog are taking a water break.

You are still hiking and hiking, because your sister claims that it's suppose to have an awesome view at the end.

But you start worrying about the 10 year old dog, who's a little hefty, might die of exhaustion.

Finally, you reach the end!

Your babies are ecstatic to be out of their carriers.

You hurry and snap some quick photos, because you planned to be back by noon and it's now 12:15.

Especially since this cairn is ginormous.

But you stop to check out the giant ant hills, because it only adds on one more minute.

On the way day, you kind of fly down the hill, because you are already late.

For some reason, you decided to take the steeper way down (on the right.)

Even though you are late, you still stop to love the flora and fungus.

Finally, you make it back all in one piece! Now, you just have to explain to the party why you were late.

Helpful Tips
  • Dog Friendly (Leashes)
  • No bathrooms
  • Take plenty of water.
  • Camping Spots at the end.
  • We are wearing this Ergo Baby Carrier and this Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier
  • Wild Flowers are going now, trees not quite full of leaves.
  • Steep 1,502 climb in elevation
  • Some spots are extremely steep. The 5th photo up (from here.) shows a rock wall. If you don't want to climb the super steep section, take the left turn to more switchbacks but a more gradual incline. We climbed down the steetp side and it was kind of tricky coming down with babies on our back.
  • 2.5 miles one way (I think the map below doesn't quite take you to the end.)
  • At the valley lookout we saw a giant ant hill. We also read that there are ground hornet nests, so beware.
  • Took us 3.25 hours back and forth with many stops.
  • There was a few small snow banks left.

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