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We took a little road trip to Logan the other weekend. We visited the North Logan Pumpkin Patch and went mountain biking up the canyon but what we can’t stop thinking about is our breakfast at Herm’s Inn.

Herm’s Inn sits just outside the mouth of Logan Canyon. It was originally built in the 1900’s by Herman “Herm” Johnson and was called Herman’s Inn. At the time, it was one’s first chance for fuel outside the canyon.  In 2012, the building was restored, is now called Herm’s Inn and is one of the best places to eat in Logan. All our friends and family that live in Logan agree with us!

Herm’s serves only breakfast and lunch so if you want some food you’re going to have to get there before they close at 2 pm. We arrived around 10:30 on a Saturday and waited about 40 minutes. As you can see from the pictures, plenty of people are willing to wait for their made from scratch, locally sourced food.

I ordered a Herm’s classic, the biscuits and gravy. I must say, I’m not usually a fan of biscuits and gravy but friends and family have raved about it so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! It was unlike any biscuits and gravy I’ve had. The gravy was light and creamy and full of flavor. Mmmmm. I’m still thinking about it.

The husband ordered the daily special, a Double Decker Donut Sandwich with your choice of egg. Basically, it’s two handmade donuts with eggs, sausage and bacon stacked between them. The donuts had a maple flavor to them that really paired well with the bacon and sausage. This was gone three minutes after it arrived at our table, it was that good. 

Herm’s loves to think outside the box with their daily specials...and we all know that’s when the real magic happens. Every day is something different and unique...and delicious!

Our girls shared this cinnamon swirl pancake. Yep, it’s the size of a pizza. It’s swirled with some cream cheese goodness. Its delicious. Our girls loved every bite and felt pretty cool eating away at something so huge.      

The food was amazing but we also loved the atmosphere of Herms. It is a place that everyone loves and therefore you see all types of people there. Young stylish college kids, old timers who enjoy a slow paced breakfast with their morning cup of coffee, and everyone in between. As a family of five we felt right at home.

The staff was incredibly kind to our little family. The waitress made sure we ordered the right amount of food for our kids. We almost ordered a cinnamon swirl pancake for each of our girls but she assured us one would be plenty. When she brought us our food, she made sure to set it down away from our baby. She knew all too well that little hands get grabby and knew just what to do. Ryan, one of the owners stopped by to chat with us a little. His heart and soul are there making Herm’s a timeless place with great food. He was very present with everything going on and often stopped to chat with the regulars. They’ve created something something special at Herm’s Inn. Stop by and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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