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We stopped by Heber Valley Cheese for a tour while we were in Midway for the Soldier Hollow Classic and Swiss Days. After we sampled about 94 types of cheese and ice cream, they so kindly took us on a tour of the Dairy Farm next door. They are just starting to give tours of the farm to the public and we were the first to try is out. Furture tours might not be exactly like ours as they work out the bumps and streamline it. But we wanted to share our experience.

First stop. BABY COW HEAVEN! I mean look at that face!

This is the original farm house, the first built on the property. Most of the family lives on the farm.

Did you know that cows don't have top teeth? I had no idea! They can suck on your hand and won't bite you. But, like all babies, they can get sick easily, we had special permission to stick our very clean hands into their slimy, slobbery, sticky mouths.

Jermey takes care of the cows on the farm. He was our tour guide. He was so good with our large group of kids and shared so many intresting things with us.

All of my farmer dreams coming true right here!

We were so impressed with how well the animals are cared for. The family truely loves and cares for each cow as if it were a pet. They even have names, and there are over 100 cows. All of the milk is used at the Heber Valley Cheese store where they make it into raw chocolate milk, cool cheese flavors like Honey Lavendar, and amazing ice cream. They sell the rest of the milk that they dont use in the store.

We all sampled the corn feed that they give the cows.  Tasted like ranch corn nut without the ranch.

We walked around the pens right along side the cows. The bull was behind a fence and he was in a bad mood of course. He eventually went to the barn to pout. He wasn't thrilled to have visitors.

Jeremy showed us some pictures of a cow that escaped the other day. It was found in the nursery with the babies.

We took a tour of the milking barn. The cows are milked everyday at 4am and 4pm. 

We stuck our fingers in to test it out the pumps. The milk pumps work just like a breast pump or a vaccumm. Don't worry, they clean the pumps four times a day. Before and after every milking.

We learned how the cows are milked, how they clean the equipment, how the milk is stored. It was pretty amazing. 

We toured the granary and all of the feed for the cows.

This silo is filled with mollasses. And yes, we sampled it too, right out of that bucket that it drips into. Tastes just like gingerbread.

The milking house.

We got a lesson on how baby cows are made these days, lets just say it involves a very long plastic glove. The kids each got their own for a  souvenier.

After the tour, we spend another hour riding on the zip line, drinking raw chocolate milk, and playing in the river.

This place was the highlight of our trip to midway! Absolutely amazing to see how a real dariy farm works and everything that goes into the proccess or feeding and carring for the animals. We can't wait to go back!

Helpful Tips

Be sure to call before hand to schedule your tour

Boots are a good idea, this is a farm after all, lots of cow unmentionables on the ground

Pack a lunch and make a day of it


(435) 654-0291

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