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I went a few weeks after this original post and noticed that the water was way higher than it was earlier in the summer. It was odd, since water usually goes down during the summer. I've heard that they drain some of the reserves and that might have made it go higher and faster. So I do admit, now it's not quite as toddler friendly.


We've been kind of quiet for a few days. Seems like when July hits, it hits hard right! So many fun things to do. One of our newest favorite place to go is the Ogden River. Like we went four times in a week kind of favorite. This week we've been again. We actually took a table and chairs and had a picnic along the shore. It's a magical place. Every time we go I love it. It's such a relaxing place. It's also made my list of favorites because it's only 10 minutes away and during the day, we hardly see anyone there. After five, it's quite a busy place.

We've talked about the Ogden River Walk before here, but we've never spent much time at the river itself.

With toddlers, rivers are super scary. One quick second and they could be swept away. So while rivers make me nervous, I've found two spots that I consider safe areas.

You can tell this isn't a natural landscape. The river is, but it looks like the city brought in a ton of pebble rocks so you can have a rocky kind of shore. There is also a little dock (I'm assuming for the kayakers.) that the kids liked to hold on and walk around.

I think it's a fairly new area that's been developed. There are bathrooms and a bowery.

The first time we came, I wasn't prepared, but I don't care if the kids get their clothes wet in the summer. In the 90+ degree weather, it will just dry off in like 10 minutes right?

The water is ice cold. I don't know how they stand it. On a hot summer day it's a perfect place.

I know people fish all the time along this river, but I couldn't keep my kids shoes on. They love to feel all the rocks and dirt in their tiny toes.

Had I been thinking better. I would have brought a bucket and shovel for them to pile rocks into.

My second favorite spot is basically just north. Same address, just a minute walk up the river. (Heading north.)

I like this area because it's more shallow and the kids can go farther out without me fearing they'll be swept away. There is lots of shade and places to sit. The only drawback is that it's a dirt shore so the kids get muddy.

Either way, it's beautiful.

Since we've been there so many times now, I've seen TONS of kids tubing, swimming and just playing all over the river. If you the river even more you can find big boulders that have been placed super pretty. It's also VERY deepw ater. When my kids get older we'll head that way, but for now, we like the pebble or dirt shores.

We even take our dog to the river. She loves to swim and run around playing too. The water can get pretty deep, so be sure to test the areas yourself first!

See the boulder on the top right? My 4 year old can wade out to the rock and climb on top of it herself. I still watch her SUPER close, but she loves wading out there.

It's a pretty magical place. You've got it all, a park, a river, bathrooms...really what more could you ask for in July?

Be sure to #thesaltproject! We want to see your adventures!

Things to bring. You can bring basically nothing, but if you are planning to stay a while, here are some suggestions.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Bathrooms
  • Bowery (no tables though.)
  • Plenty of tree shade
  • Dog Friendly

harm Mon, 07/18/2016 - 21:00

Shoot! It's just south of the High Adventure Park. There is a bathroom/pavilion area and it's just west of that area.

Jana Thu, 08/11/2016 - 15:08

Hi! I went to the High Adventure Park and I walked all the way around, but couldn't not find the place that you mentioned. How do you get there from the park? Did you walk or drive? The water by the river was deep and strong, so we couldn't go in. I hope you can give us more info. Thanks!

harm Thu, 08/11/2016 - 21:02

In reply to by Jana

It's directly west of the Bowery/bathrooms north of High Adventure Park. I went a few weeks ago and noticed that the water was way higher than it was earlier in the summer. It was odd, since water usually goes down during the summer. I've heard that they drain some of the reserves and that might have made it go higher and faster.

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