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Last week, we had the chance to partner up with Hands on Art. It's a Ceramic and Art Studio that's super family friendly. The owner, Iraima, used to run art classes out of her garage, but felt there was a need in the community and opened her own shop in Farmington. They have adult and children art classes, parties for scout, church, and work groups and Paint Nights. Basically, something for everyone.

When you walk in, you see all sorts of different artwork, the kids love it.

You can do your own screen printing too!

You can either join a class or just show up! (Just check the schedules.) The ceramics are already fired, so all you have to do in glaze them.

We got everyone ready with their aprons.

We decided to have the older kids 5-11 do an art class and the toddlers (1-3) do the ceramic part.

For the ceramics the toddlers listened to Iraima read Again! A funny story about a baby dragon who won't go to sleep.

After listening to the book, each toddler got their own little dragon to glaze.

After choosing a color, we got painting!

I was actually very surprised at how well the littles handled glazing their dragons. There weren't many spills or messes.

After letting them dry we had to get a photo of them with their artwork.

The kids weren't too upset when we told them the dragons needed to by fired in the kiln one more time to make the paint hard.

They were very proud of their artwork.

Stephanie had been popping back and forth between the toddlers and her older kids to watch.

The older three were sitting in an art class that was working with pastels and watercolors. From what I could hear, this art class was a summer class of sorts. Most of the kids knew the drill, sign-in, grab and apron and sit at the tables. The instructor drew a dragon on the whiteboard while the children followed step by step.

All the different dragon drawings I saw seemed to look just like the instructors. They could add in their own flair of course, but it was surprising how well the kids could draw. (Maybe it's because my kids are still in the scribbling stage.)

While their artwork was drying, they were able to help with the mural on the wall. The mural needed little pieces of colored paper to be adhered to the wall. We love how it was a "community" effort.

The Salt Project would definitely recommend Hands on Art to everyone! Thanks for hosting The Salt Project! Be sure to check out their website for times and classes. You can be sure we'll be back!

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