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I'll admit, when Stephanie asked if I wanted to try out the HALO SnoozyPod, I was a little hesitant. I'm a firm believer in self soothing babies and I didn't want her to become dependent on something. But it's been a few crazy weeks of sleepless nights for baby. I think she's teething, so I was ready to try something new.

Since Rizden had already set up the HALO SnoozyPod, it was a breeze to grab and take home.

When I got home all I needed to do was lift up the mattress and plug in the cord.

All three of my kids sleep in the same room, so I knew this new attraction would cause quite the commotion. Baby V's older siblings were quick to push all the buttons and try out the night light. I mean, who doesn't love buttons that make noises and flash lights?


I didn't think I'd use it much, but we use it EVERY time she goes to sleep.


I turn on the white noise (I like the jungle sounds, so she does too) and then the vibration and the "leave on" button. Basically, everything but the night light.

The vibration button turns off after a while, but I think Baby V is soothed by all the white noise. It also helps my other kids too. I've found that if the white noise is playing through the night they are less likely to wake each other up. (Someone always has to get up and go to the bathroom or something.)

Since Utah has gone from super hot to super cold all of a sudden, we especially love her SleepSack in these cold nights. Plus she loves everything that's super soft.

We all love the Halo SnoozyPod and would definitely recommend it to all the parents out there.

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