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Hall of Breakfast is now open through the end of July and The Salt Project couldn't be happier! Check out our original post here. We're heading into the depths of the kitchen fridge again and bringing you a new coupon (below!)

My kids were super excited to visit, especially, since we brought their dad. They would talk about it for days after and tell their dad ALL about how we should visit and that he needed to come too.

It was fun to see some new changes. Like the ice cream samples given out here.

I told the kids to keep an extra eye out for the toaster that's on Aiko's shirt. Orion LOVES his Banana shirt. Why do kids love bananas so much? (I'm currently obsessed with Mochi Kids) Check them out here and we have a discount for their online shop too! (Use Code saltproject for 15%)

The kids wasted no time finding the gummy egg samples. (They remembered these from last time. Which, seem to have grown in size!

I seriously love all the art installments everywhere. I don't even remember these toast paintings...but it just shows you can come multiple times and still see new things!

Hall of Breakast has installed a few new egg games. All were hilarious. The Egg room is one of my favorite rooms. I'm being drawn to this bright yellow more and more!

All it needs now is Avacados and Green Tabasco Sauce and I'd be in heaven. (It's what I eat many mornings on toast with sauerkraut.)

I think it's hilarious how Bacon seems to be quite the celebrity. I see posters and clever sayings on Pinterest all the time. It's like it's a person now.

One thing we didn't get to do was play in the confetti room last naturally we spent a lot of time throwing paper in the air. The kids were besides themselves.

Boy, did we spend ALOT of time in that room.

I didn't even have to ask the kids to pick up, they just did it over and over and over again.

Tiny Vesper wasn't quite sure what to make of the room, but she loved toddling around anyway.

While Aiko has betrayed me to the Pancake side with her dad...

Orion and are ALL about WAFFLES.

We love this donut room, we love it even more now that there are TWO swings. It's amazing what little kids see, they noticed everything that was different in all the rooms.

While the kids aren't quite as interested in this room, it's one of my favorite smelling rooms. I don't drink coffee but it reminds me of my grandma. So be sure to take a good wiff for me. It also smells like Smacks cereal. (Do they even sell that anymore?)

Of course, this is the kids all time favorite room. I mean, I love ball pits, so why wouldn't my kids?

They've added a few floaties to the mix and it seems like a whole bunch more pink balls!

Nothing we can't handle!

Last time, this room was overflowing with pink balls everywhere. This time, they tamed the craziness to the actual pit.

The kids were in pure heaven.

I also made the trek into the ball pit, but this time I didn't dare sit down. Last time I did, I could barely get back up with the baby belly of mine! I was happy to just wade through the pink cloud of happiness thought. I almost felt like my belly just PUSHED a path.

I love how tropical this fruit room is. I love all the colors through out the Hall of Breakfast! You can't leave this place without smiling!

Oh, just a small but important thing. Right as we were leaving they pulled out a Avocado Floatie! (This happens to be my favorite things to eat...with sauerkraut and potatoes and toast and with a spoon. Soo good.) I just needed to point it out to you. Because I might need to buy one.

Don't forget to stop at the shop on the way out! The shop is completely local products and SOOOO cool.

We'll be sharing a GIVEAWAY tomorrow! But in the meantime, check out the codes below. Leave us a comment below!


Helpful Tips


Use "SALT20" to get 20% off any ticket type.

Us "SALTFAM" for $20 off a family ticket!

For more tips, click here to the Hall of Breakfast FAQS page.

  • Stroller Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Bathrooms available
  • Foods with various ingredients will be served
  • Keep on eye on your shoes by the ball pit...don't want to loose one in the ball pit!
  • Camera Friendly #thehallofbreakfast
  • 3 and under are free
  • Please arrive during the first 20 minutes of your timeslot. Once inside, stay as long as you'd like!
  • All tickets must be purchased in advance, tickets are not available for purchase onsite
  • All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Ticket holder must show ID for entry
  • Got questions? Have a group of 10 or more? Shoot an email at

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