Gunlock Falls | Gunlock State Park

Gunlock State Park or Gunlock Falls as it known this year is PHENOMENAL! We had just finished our Girl's Trip at Red Mountain Resort and knew we had to take the long way home so we could see Gunlock Falls. 

When we came around the bend and saw how HUGE the falls were we all "OOOOOOOOh and AWWWWW!" Gunlock State Park is normal a small reservoir with NO falls, except once in every few years. I think I heard that the last time the falls were running was 12 years ago. So you've GOT to put the falls on your bucket list this year! 

DISCLAIMER. Yes, we jumped off cliffs into the water. Yes, we watched some other people, yes, we jumped. BE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE JUMPING. THE SALT PROJECT is not responsible for any harm or injury to you if you visit Gunlock State Park. 

First off, this is a State Park, be sure to pay your dues before you enter. From the parking lot, the dues bucket isn't until the bottom (which is a SUPER weird place for it.) As a State Park holder, pay it so you don't get a ticket!

There are multiple ways to the falls, we must have taken the main trail. You'll cross a small stream on the way to the falls. You will most likely want/get wet. We wore our work out clothes and sandals but wished we would have worn our swimsuits. We saw lots of people with all their beach stuff, towels, chairs, swimsuits, sunscreen, ALL THE THINGS! 

We thought it would be a quick sightseeing trip, but we ended up staying a couple of hours, so plan accordingly. We also brought water and cameras with us. 

We followed the main trail on the east side and then crossed the HUGE but shallow river at the top. 

Seriously, I can't believe how huge this river was. Apparently, it's normally a trickle of a stream. 

While we crossed easily, be wary with little ones. 

Once we crossed the east side of the river we scanned our surroundings. I instantly saw people cliff jumping and KNEW this is what we wanted to do. I watched the cliff jumpers a few times and asked if they ever hit the bottom. None did. 

I had Stephanie quickly get her camera out before I chickened out and JUMPED! 

It was a super rush. The only slightly scary part was climbing out before you are pulled to the rushing water below, but someone was there to help pull me in. 

We all took turns jumping in! YOLO!

Our favorite ginger, Stephanie needed some coaxing. 

Once she finally jumped, we couldn't keep her out. 

We jumped, again, and again. We even found another spot to jump. Honestly, it was freeing. We had just spent the whole weekend soul searching at Red Mountain Resort and I was a little ready to truly release it all. 

While we were all just a little sad we didn't have our 17 kids with us, because they would have loved Gunlock, but we were happy to be our younger selves for a moment in time. 

Say No to GRAFFITI! 

We climbed over some rocks and reached the top. Sometimes, you just need to throw your arms into the air and feel all the power! 

Gunlock, you were just as amazing as everyone says! Check out our first post about Gunlock State Park from our friend Amanda! 

Gunlock Rope Swing | Just outside of Gunlock town on the north side.

On our way heading out of Gunlock town, we happened upon a rope swing on the left side of the road and Steph and were like "Uhhh....WAIT, TURN AROUND!"

I'm not one to pass up a good rope swing, especially if it's over water! 

There were actually two different swings, but I chose the one without the giant piece of wood. 

I chickened out, mainly because the water looked a little too stagnant but also because I just dried off. 

Nonetheless, it was exhilarating to jump with the rope swing!

Our next stop was Veyo Pies in Veyo! We got there just in time before it closed! 

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