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It's that time of year again, I feel like every April we make our way to the Bird Refuge at the Shorelands Preserve for a little nature walk. We always find lots of wild life. This time we spotted 27 owl pellets, a barn owl, owl nest with 5 eggs, 4 hawks, a cracked egg, mallard ducks, geese, Woolly Bear Caterpillar, and a handful of other birds! That is a record!

The trail starts out dirt and gravel at the parking lot and passed the bathrooms, then the wood path starts and is just over a mile long loop around the swampy wetlands. I'm proud to sayt that no one has ever fallen in in all the times we have gone. There are really only 2 parts of the path that you really have to watch the littles because of the water. The rest of the trail is higher ground and not swampy. The entire path is flat and wheele chair and stroller friendly. The only incline is the tower, the first story has a ramp, the second story has stairs.

Locke (10 yrs) was the first to the tower. He climbed the rafters and a the next thing he knew, a barn owl swooped over his head from under the stairs and flew off. He thought it was pretty cool. 

You can spy the owl nest tucked right into the stairs overhead.

At the top of the tower, we always enjoy a picnic. This year I also brought some books so we could have our reading lessons at the top of the tower.

That sweet little sun bonnet is my all time favorite from Petit Nounours. She makes the cuttest bonnets and they are such a great price. So perfect for keeping the shading my little Aberdeens (18 months) eyes. And the less sunscreen we have to use the better.

This is one part of the path that you have to keep an eye on the littles. If you look close, you can see the mallard taking flight.

So many owl pellets. You can take them home and disect them... or you can just order them on amazon, all sanatized and ready to go.

More owl pellets.

My girls are wearing dresses from the darling Utah shop Hum Stitchery. I got them for Easter Dresses, but they basically wear them every other day. They are darling, yes this true, but what I am most impressed with is the quality of the fabric. They are Quality with a capital Q! And they wash well too (thank goodness).

This is the second spot that you really need to watch the little closely. Ain't nobody want their kids swimming in that nasty water!

Locke (10 yrs) brought a little boat tied to a string and a pencil to float around the pond.

Be sure to check out our last trip to this place with WAY more kids HERE.

And lastly, are you guys on snap chat? If not, its an app that lets you record little 10 second clips and share them. So here are my snaps from the Bird Refuge to give you a better idea of what its like. It really is one of our favorite places to explore.

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