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Are you a fan of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid? Well, you better head to Grafton Ghost Town, because it was filmed right here in Utah. (Parts of it.) You'll want to start singing "Raindrops keep falling on my head."

Grafton is a sleepy ghost town just outside of Zion National Park.

The road to the town is paved, then turns to dirt and not recommended that you travel it in the rain.

There are 3 homes and a church, all in remarkably good condition considering their age. The Ghost town is open to the public and has a donation box if you feel so inclined.

When you reach the fork, head right for the town, left for the cemetary.

The kids loved exploring the old homes in the dusty old town.

Fun tip: Go down to the river and catch tadpoles!

I loved visiting the cemetery. Many of the graves were from the early 1800's and some were only marked with a rock.

A little from Wikipedia:

The site was first settled in December 1859. The town grew quickly in its first few years. There were some 28 families by 1864.

Flooding was not the only major problem. One particular challenge to farming was the large amounts of silt in Grafton's section of the Virgin River. Residents had to dredge out clogged irrigation ditches at least weekly, much more often than in most other settlements. Grafton was also relatively isolated from neighboring towns, being the only community in the area located on the south bank of the river. In 1866, when the outbreak of the Black Hawk War caused widespread fear of Indian attacks, the town was completely evacuated to Rockville.

Continued severe flooding discouraged resettlement, and most of the population moved permanently to more accessible locations on the other side of the river. By 1890 only four families remained. The end of the town is usually traced to 1921, The last residents left Grafton in 1944.

This is a perfect quick stop on your way to or from Zion National Park.

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Helpful Tips
  • Take Bridge Rd just outside of Zion National Park, go over the bridge, the road will be paved and then turn to dirt. Turn right when you see a sign that says dead end (Grafton).
  • Then you will see a sign that says "local traffic only", continue straight.
  • The road will fork, to the left you will find the cemetery, to the right you will find the Ghost Town.

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