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Goblin Valley is a State Park. It was on our bucket list this year (along with Lake Powell), and we just happened to pass in on the way to Powell so we decided to hit it up on the way home. It's about 10 minutes from I-70 to reach the park. 

I couldn't believe we were really going to see the valley of Goblins! I was so excited. We were fresh off the boat from Lake Powell, still in our swimmers and sandals. (there were lots of red ants, I got bit, so we recombined closed toe shoes)

There are 3 valleys, some are great for hiking, exploring, others for camping. We only had time to explore valley #1 and it was pretty incredible. That alone was worth the visit. We only had the older two kids on this trip (ages 9 & 11). So we set them loose to explore. I think the littles would have had a blast here too, so we will have to come again.

After a little exploring we started an epic game of hiding and seek, which turned into an epic game of tag.

You can climb and run and jump on the Goblins all you want!

My cousin said they had a water fight here once, and I've also heard of people renting laser tag equipment and bringing it to the park. That would be SO fun!

We stayed for about an hour and a half and didn't even make a dent in all there was so explore. You could spend an entire day!

We weren't very prepared and only had 1 soda and half a bottle of water to split between all four of us. It was hot and running around made us so thirsty. So be sure to bring extra water!

Since you are already here, don't forget to check out Crystal Geyser in Green River! It's not too far away.

Helpful Tips
  • Take plenty of water
  • Bathrooms available
  • Camping availble
  • Take Sunscreen


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