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When I told people I was going to do Goat Yoga, everybody thought I was saying it wrong. Or they all started blankly. It's true Utah. Goat Utah is a thing and it's pretty fun. It's crazy, but it's super fun. If only we'd found out about Goat Yoga SOONER!

When we put the address in and headed out west I realized we'd be out in some farm land. Our class started at 7 pm, so the sun was just beginning to set. Making it a lovely night. First thing I did when I got there was put on some mosquitos repellant. Those blood suckers LOVE Me.

We signed some waivers and picked a spot. Luckily, i had a blanket in this car, because I forgot to bring a Yoga mat. I've only done Yoga on the Nintendo Wii Fit and that was years ago, so I was hoping things weren't going to be too technical.

Goat Yoga takes place right on the farm, in little fenced in area with grass and goats.

They led the goats in and it's like the goats knew exactly what was happening. Apparently, they LOVE doing yoga with us.

I was bending down to fix my blanket and suddenly a goat landed on my BACK! I mean, I'm not super tall, but I wasn't bent over in half and this goat was just leaping on my back.

She stayed there for a while and just hung out.

We got to begin our session by feeding the goats. Everyone gets a bowl to feed the goats. There were plenty of goats to go around. There were even some baby goats that were beyond adorable.

After everyone got settled we began doing yoga.

You could be barefoot or have shoes on.

We weren't doing anything too crazy. Stephanie (8 months pregnant) was able to do most of the stretches. We didn't have any goats jumping randomly on us, but we soon got into a tight circle and they bribed the goats onto our backs with more food. It was kind of fun to have them trotting along everyones back.

The instructor went through a few different poses and helped goats get on our backs. We did a double plank and then placed a goat on top. We also did some other poses and really, goats make everything better and definitely more fun.

All in all, I think it was super fun. Plus when does one get to say "I did some yoga with goats?"

Also, you can also book some snuggle sessions! (Not available until next year.)

Hurry and book your session, October is their last month before next spring!


We've teamed up to giveaway 2 SLOTS! One for you and your buddy! Comment below about why you need goat yoga in your life. For more entries go to our Instagram.

Entrance Fee(s)
See Website
Helpful Tips
  • Bring your own yoga mat or blanket.
  • Bring Mosquito Repellant
  • You can wear shoes or be barefoot.
  • Accidents happen! We saw a goat pee while yoga-ing on a gals back. Sooooo. You are on the same grass the goats pee/poop on. Fair Warning.
  • You DO NOT have to be trained in the Yoga ways, it's perfect for first timers.
  • Dress in layers.
  • It's on a farm.

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