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How do you document your travels? Is it through Social Media? Blogging? Chat Books? Drawings? Photos? Travel Journal?

Me? I decided a few years ago to document using paper, in a leather bound book. Crazy, I know. What's a book and who actually writes anymore? While I don't have the prettiest handwriting, and my sketches are not anything amazing, I do feel that it's important that my kids had something with my handwriting in it. I put in postcards, little polaroids, ticket stubs and other miscellaneous items that fit in a book. Another reason I went with a book option is because I wanted somewhere to stamp all our National Park and State Park adventures. (Did you know there are unique stamps at every National Park & State Park?)

As a kid, my parents bought a National Park Passport, you've probably seen them in the shops. I've found them to be confusing and honestly, not aesthetically pleasing at all. So I never bought one.

(In walks Travel Stamps.)

This past summer, my sister found this U.S.. National Park Series Album and Guide (in Arkansas of all places.) The Travel Stamps books are bound well and have the coolest graphics and colors. I found myself wanting. I have seriously considered purchasing one (I actually have one of the travel stamps stickers in my book) but I really wanted to keep up with my original book. But then I was like, DUH! It's perfect for my kids and the Salt Project team!

Aiko is OBSESSED with maps. Orion loves pictures. Whenever we are in a National Park, I always ask for a map or two. They love looking over the maps and photos in the park. I like reading through the hikes and the animals. 

So when Aiko received her Travel Stamps book, you better believe we checked out the map for hours. We took a 13 state road trip this summer and Aiko was allllll over navigating the map.

She wrote her name in her book immediately.

When I showed the kids all the stickers that we get to put in the books, they got even more excited. I love the sticker system, it's easy for anyone, especially my 3 and 5 year olds to put a sticker in their books.

I'm actually torn right now...should I make the kids wait to put each sticker in their book for when we actually go next? I mean, they have been to all of the Utah National Parks by now, but I want placing the sticker to mean something to them. (Too deep? Ridiculous?) We are heading to Zion National Park in a few I think I might wait.

Look at how pretty they are! I love the graphics and all the colors. I feel like each graphic depicts each park perfectly. I love the park specific facts as well. 

This book is not only an Album, it's also a Guide to all the National Parks in the USA. It's color coordinated by region, complete with a National Park Checklist, so it's easy to know where you've already been. Each Stamp has 5 sections: Description, You Might See, Fast Fact, Things to Do, and of course the Travel Stamp area.

PLUS, there is a section to place a sticker for "I Saw Them All" by region and then the big cahoona, the sticker that lets you claim you've seen ALL the National Parks. (This is actually a goal of our family, to visit ALL of them someday.) We WILL get that sticker!

One of my best things about Travel Stamps is that they are a local Utah company, from Moab. It's a father-daughter duo working hard to boost family travel and seeing the country!

Be sure to check out the National Park Visitor Centers and see if you can spot a Travel Stamp book!


We're super excited to support this local company and are even more excited to host a giveaway! (Everything below)

We've teamed up to giveaway 1 Travel Stamps U.S.. National Park Series Album & Guide along with The Mighty 5 Utah National Park Stickers!

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Good Luck!


Andrea Dalton Mon, 03/26/2018 - 16:04

I love the postal design of the book! Our family is all about postal and map ascetics. Looks beautiful and fun.

Nancy Mon, 03/26/2018 - 16:48

This is awesome! My 5 yo would love one. We also have tried to visit all the national parks in Utah and my kiddo loves it.

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