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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves deciphering hidden clues and solving formidable puzzles in order to gather valuable intel to procure your freedom. You will be working with highly classified pieces of evidence in a life-threatening situation.

Up to EIGHT special agents are needed to complete this mission. It is imperative that you choose levelheaded associates that are strategic in their thinking. There will be limited time to accomplish your goal.  This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Three . . . two . . . one . . .

All of us were standing in a locked room, having just been briefed by The Escape Key. We had a manila folder filled with seemingly useless intel, one hour to open three locks on our door, 3 “Mayday Mayday” questions (that we didn’t know what to ask) and countless padlocks in the room.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the thought of never leaving the room, we started ransacking the room. It felt slightly scandalous, like you were going through your parents’ off-limits drawers.

Oh, the thrill.
Some items left us little clues that we wrote on the whiteboard. Other items were clearly labeled as “Not a Clue.” I felt like we were pretty thorough. Yet, for the first 30 minutes, we still hadn’t found many of the keys for our escape. All I could think, was what would Tom do?

Suddenly someone found a key, then another, then another clue, codes and then more keys. The timer was still counting down. Every once in awhile, we would get some help from our outside eyes that were surveying everything we did on a camera.

15 minutes…10 minutes. Geez, it was getting intense and hot. We seemed to be going through clues and keys quickly now. Soon, one lock was opened on the door, then a second. 5 minutes. AHHHHHH! Just imaging intense, thrilling, heart pumping music and Tom Cruise running around trying to fit the last pieces of the puzzle together.

Three minutes…. then one minute…. 30 seconds! Oh, my heart! All these minds, some of use super brilliant, some of us not so, and we couldn’t crack the last CODE! For some reason, I was the one trying to input numbers on the last lock. 15 seconds!

With shaking fingers, people yelling numbers in my ears, and 12 seconds left, we finally cracked the code and opened the door.

Ah. Sweet victory.
See, the main reason I was sweating was because we needed a Salt Project Sticker on the Wall of Fame. I’m not a competitive person in nature, but I felt a fire that could only be quenched by sticker placement. After talking through our success and finding out that some of the leads we thought were hot, were actually dead wrong. We were tickled to find out that we were the 14th group to actually open the door this year. Plus, we only used two of our three Mayday Mayday questions. Luckily, I had strategically asked people to come to our group date at The Escape Key depending on their brains (not really but it was helpful.)

I can’t recall a group date that was so much fun and actually required my brain. Or one that filled me with such PRIDE! Plus, the price is just right, especially when similar prices are almost double the cost.

Thanks to The Escape Key for sponsoring our date night!


Let’s get down to business. You want to go right? Well, we’ve teamed up with The Escape Key to giveaway 4 tickets! That’s right! Date night? Family Night? Prom? It’s for you.

To enter:

  • Go to The Escape Key's website and check out their different room options. Leave a comment below about which room you'd go to!
  • Extra entries possible on our Instagram Page.

And…if you don’t win, don’t worry; we’ve got a discount code in our shop! So click here and find the deal.

Helpful Tips
  • Plan on 60 minutes.
  • You aren't technically locked in a room. If you have to go to the bathroom, you can.
  • The rooms are constantly changing. The Salt Project reviewed Room 3, The Impossible, hardest of the three.
  • Kids ages 10+ are recommended (by The Salt Project.) But who knows, maybe you have a super smart kid under 10.
  • Babes in arms are allowed, only if the other group members don't mind. But honestly, it's super fun without the kids!
  • You can place purses and jackets on the floor in the room.
  • Nothing dangerous happened.
  • If you don't have a huge group to fill the room, you can always sign up for a room with openings and join another group.
  • Would be super fun for Teen Dates.
  • Parking is in the back through a small alley way.
  • Don't park in the big lot on the East Side, you may get towed.

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Jade Hurst Wed, 03/16/2016 - 12:05

This looks like tons of fun! My husband has been dying to go. It's nice that they let you out to go to the bathroom, at least! Haha

Antonella Cattaneo Wed, 03/16/2016 - 12:11

This looks so cool. I have been wanting to try this out with my boyfriend. It would be such a cool date night!

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