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I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband and I really like to use Yelp when trying to find food places. I honestly feel like if you are going to travel, you’ve got to try the local places to truly feel like you are “there.”

We’d just finished at the Heber Creeper and it was past dinner time for us. We eat at like 5:05…and it was 6:00. We were all a little hangry. So when we drove up to Dairy Keen, we were like…are all those cars parked for here?


They were. It was crazyyyy busy.  It’s a locally family owned place since 1946. I mean, they even have a giant employee list of every employee that had worked at Dairy Keen since the beginning!

The line moved super fast and there was so much to look at that the short wait didn’t seem long at all. I mean, they had a model trains, Duplo table, wooden trains, Harry Potter trains, train tables…you get the idea.

For a family with littles who love trains, this was the perfect place. My Aiko can hear trains that are 5 miles away from home. She’ll put her little hand to her ear and say, “Hear it Mom? Can ya hear it?” Soon our little food buzzer whistled like a train and start chugging, we knew we’d just hit train heaven.

After asking our waiter what was the local favorite, I did something I NEVER DO. I ordered me a Coconut Chocolate Cookie Shake (say what?!) and a Fish Sand which complete with fries. My husband ordered Reese’s Peanut Butter Shake (his old standby) and a Chicken Strip dinner.  I also ordered some green side salads, because I felt the need for some kind of veggie.

I don’t know why my husband always ordered Chicken Strips…it makes me feel like I married a 5 year old sometimes. But that’s why I like him…always going for the random thing. We all consumed his chicken and everyone loved it.

Now, maybe you don’t think ordering a shake is a big deal, but honestly, I can’t even tell you the last time I ordered some kind of ice cream goodness. (Lactose Intolerant here.) But let me tell you, the half that I ate…was dang delicious. I love me some coconutty goodness.

I’m kind of a fry snob. So I’m happy to report that their fries were quite crispy and delicious. My fish sandwich was pretty good (I could have done without the cold slaw, I just didn’t notice it was included.) All in all, it was a good fish filet.

So Dairy Keen has these crazy new pop machines (my husband tells me they’ve been out for years) with all this new-digital-multiple-options-touch-screen stuff that kind of blows my mind. I thought I was choosing the least amount of food coloring drink for my kids, but I guess I got some kind of carbonated drink. I guess I haven’t given little man carbonated anything before…he was not pleased. So, water instead.  He was happy in the end.

After eating we thought it would be best to let the kids get as tired as possible. So we hung out at the Lego Table and the train table. While it was still a hopping place, not many kids were there, so my kids had it almost to themselves.

We couldn’t leave without visiting the Train Tables! The outside patio was just as packed as the inside! I honestly can’t believe how busy they were. They are definitely the local favorite though. I asked around and everyone said they came for the shakes. We literally had to drag the kids away from the train engine table.

As we were packing in the kids we noticed that the drive-in has train tracks leading you through the drive-in. I love little details like that, it’s so cool.

With all the train excitement, the babes immediately went out. Thanks for all the delicious food Dairy Keen!


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