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This past week we braved the snowy, icy roads to check out Chocolate Covered Wagon located in Historic Gardner Village. Chocolate Covered Wagon hosts Camp Chocolate (4-12) so we thought we'd better check it out. Thanks for hosting us Cindy!

And guess what? They have chocolate, homemade warm, chocolate. Actually, they have all sorts of treats.

They are actually best known for the Old Fashioned Pulled Salt Water Taffy. Yes, they do use salt from the Great Salt Lake! The salt water taffy is pretty delicious, especially when you watch it being made right in front of you. Their taffy pulling machine is an antique and still works like a charm.

After learning a bit about taffy and candy, we were able to pull our own taffy.

The machine and workers made pulling taffy look so easy.

We also brought along new friends, Brittney & Watson, @SLCMOMS from Instagram! Follow along her account for sweet giveaways!

If you watched our video, you'll see that Harmony completely failed at the whole event. Apparently, once you pull the taffy enough it will actually turn white. We didn't get that far.

Usually these classes are for 4 years and up, but Watson (18months) made it look like it's for everyone. Our toddlers even loved the class and totally got the concept.

All the kids had their own work stations, complete a Chocolate Covered Wagon kit, a small bag with lots of goodies to dip in chocolate and decorating candies.

Some of our children may have eaten their axles and pieces of their wagons before assembly.

After everyone set up their wagon, we set them on a cookie sheet to freeze the chocolate to make them sturdy.

While we waited for our wagons, we started dipping and decorating our goodies.

The kids got really into it. I guess everyone knows how to dip chocolate right?

The chocolate is their own recipe and super delicious!

We spent a good hour decorating, dipping and yes, eating lots of sweets!

Locke's wagon really was impressive.

You can tell by the kids faces that everyone LOVED this class. You even get to take home the extra chocolate dipping sauce! Plus everything is stored in their very own container and bag.

The Chocolate Covered Wagon gals were super sweet. They patiently and happily worked with each child. Plus they sang Disney music with the kids!

Our kids loved this class. You can take yours too! While they don't have any classes until after Valentine's Day, you can call ahead and get a reservation for after! Or, you may just want to go visit and buy some treats for your loved ones. Last year, the Chocolate Covered Wagon sold over 17,000 Carmel apples in one MONTH! You know they've got to be good.


We've teamed up with Chocolate Covered Wagon and @SLCMOMS to giveaway 4 Chocolate Carmel Covered Apples! Right in time for Valentine's Day! (Pick-Up Only)

Helpful Tips

Call to find out the Camp Chocolate Schedule. They fill up fast!

  • One of our kids has a peanut allergy (not super severe) and was able to complete this class without any reactions.

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