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Midway, this crazy little gem that is such a treasure! Let's talk about how charming and lovely the city is. Truly it looks and feels like Pinocchio and Gepetto are going to come waltzing down the road with their cricket. (Also, let's talk about how pretty that Ford F150 truck is! We teamed up with Young Automotive for a Staycation Vehicle!)

1.Handpainted Murals are Everywhere!

Post Office | 125 W Main Street, Midway

Everywhere you look, buildings have beautiful murals painted on them. Like the Post Office above. Or the windows have some kind of flower detail cut into the wooden shutters.

Apparently, I've just discovered that Midway is a prominent Swiss town that hosts Swiss Days! It's coming up soon too, so mark your calendar.

2. Midway Town Hall

75 N 100 W, Midway

We were just munching away on food and then heard the clock toll and then music started playing. You GUYS, the top doors opened up and little wooden people popped out and were spinning in a circle. Like an old fashioned cuckoo clock. I mean, SERIOUSLY.

Our main reason for driving an hour and a half was because of the Midway Crater and the kids and I were feeling a little under the weather.

The husband had the day off and I had been planning for days what we could do! Alright, I wasn't planning, more, we decided to go the day before, last minute, like everything in our lives. Plus, Young Automotive let us borrow a black 2015 F-150 Lariat with automatic running boards (Squeee!!! Short girls dreams really do come true!) I was SO not going to let a little sickness get to us! We had a dreamy truck, our dad and places to be. So we packed up the Ford with swim suits, kids blankets, snacks, Aiko's toilet and headed out!

3. Homestead Crater

700 Homestead Dr, Midway, UT

Note cute signage, AGAIN.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from the Crater, other than warm water. I was kind of surprised to find it underground like the inside of a small volcano or something. Or maybe a cinder cone if I remember my volcano terminology correct.

Everyone had to get on a life jacket and then we all climbed in! My husband was a little bummed about the life jackets. He's quite the fish and really wanted to dive down. Plus, come to find out, he's scuba certified. Things you learn. 

When my kids aren't feeling well, they don't want their mama.

Especially this weekend. Which, suited me just fine. Every time I would hold Orion he would just get hysterical until his dad picked him up. Crying would immediately cease mid wail when he was in dads arms.

The water was the perfect temperature. It was more warm that hot.

Aiko is kind of leery of water, I think it freaked her out that we were in a cave. It also didn't help that the scuba divers were coming up and creating bubbles and looking like space men. You'd think after all the adventuring we do, Aiko would be a little more open to change.

Never fear, dad came to everyone's rescue. After a while, we all got brave and took each kid out into the deep end that didn't have a little wooden wall around.

After the kids got used to the surroundings we had a great time. Orion became obsessed with the large red balls and Aiko just wanted to float on her back and gaze into the sky above.

After our forty minutes was up, we hung our life jackets and headed outside.

The Crater is also part of the hotel and golf club area. The hotel looked dreamy and if we weren't walking around in our swimsuits we would have walked right in to check it out.

Instead, we took the short walk around the crater and climbed up to the top of it.

Aiko was determined to do all the steps herself and she did.

Once at the top we could look down at the swimmers below.

Midways is in it's own little valley and on top of the Crater, you could see all it's beauty for miles around.

I could see this hill with what I took to be a castle and determined we needed to check it out before we left. (below)

I promised Aiko that we could go and play on the little slide before leaving, but all she wanted to do was wrestle with dad. I swear that kid can spot any slide within a 2 mile radius, which would be fine, IF she liked to go down slides. Maybe she spotted it on top of the crater...

Instead, little man enjoyed playing eating in the sand.

After driving around town for a while, we picked this little pizza place, mainly because it was adorable.

4. Cafe Galleria

101 W Main St, Midway

Again, murals, cute window shutters, amazing flowers, outdoor patio, little wooden bears everywhere, wood fired pizza, cute little car, can it get anymore picturesque?

The kids and I enjoyed our cheeseless pizza while dad got the margarita pizza.

On our way out, we were ready just to head out when we came upon the castle I saw earlier.

5. Memorial Hill

You just drive around and around until you come to the top of the Hill. Come to find out, it's not a castle, but a memorial to all the Veteran's for their service in all the wars.

There were signs below that said to treat the space as sacred ground.

It was such a quiet, beautiful place. I also have a super soft spot for all things patriotic and American.

The view on top of the hill was spectacular as well.

You could literally see the entire valley.

It was a good day to be in Midway people.

6. Swiss Days

Now, we haven't been to this festival yet, but I hear it's a big deal! September 4th & 5th at Town Square.

Seriously, this is such an amazing town. I wish we had planned to be there longer than just a few hours!



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Helpful Tips

Crater Tips:

  • Schedule a time BEFORE you go!
  • Changing rooms only at the Crater, bathrooms are located in a separate building
  • Life Jackets are provided
  • Snorkling and Scuba Diving can be scheduled prior.
  • No jumping off the dock
  • Pets are not allowed

Memorial Hill Location

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