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A few weeks ago we used our GetOutPass at Aqua X Zone at Jordanelle Reservoir State Park! It's our first time using the GetOutPass and I don't know why we waited so long! You'll need to log into your phone GetOutPass and the Aqua X Zone people will redeem your ticket. (You do have to pay the Utah State Park Fees to get in.)

Use "SaltProject to save $35 on your pass!"

Just choose a time slot that's open and be there for your hour of fun! 

All life jackets are included and they have lots of sized. Somehow it was THE coldest DAY. Like 65 degrees in summer. What?! 

We didn't bring a camera out to the Zone, but it's super fun! I was actually surprised at how much muscle one needs in order to climb over inflatable obstacles. The kids thought it was hilarious and crazy fun! I (harmony) had more fun watching everyone fall off the obstacles. There's obstacles that require fast feet, climbing, swinging and even high places to jump off. If it had been just a tiny bit warmer I would have been more adventurous but man, it was cold. That didn't stop the kids though. 

I'd recommend this for like 5 year olds and over. Since the water was so high we had to swim out quite a ways. I heard that in the past the water has been lower so you could almost walk out there. 

The little ones watched while the big kids played. 

After we spent our hour out on the Zone we headed back for some beach time. 

You'd think my kids had never seen sand before. Granted, we really don't do much "sandy beaches." We're more of a rocky shore kind of place. 

For some reason, the sun always comes out after all the fun right? It got much warmer after Aqua X Zone, so we spent much longer than I would have thought at the beach. 

We had a bunch of families there and so there were many tiny people!

Melinda even brought out her kayaks. The kids loved going out on the water. 

We really liked how light these kayaks were. I think they were Lifetime kayaks. 

There's some shady pavilions, but they had signs that you had to have a reservation to use them. 

Again, with the digging. I actually brought sand toys and they were loving every minute of it. 

Little Berdee's Birthday was actually that day, so we all sang happy birthday to the tiny girl! 

It was the perfect way to end the evening! 

Entrance Fee(s)
Utah State Park Fees Apply. See website link below.
Use SALTPROJECT to get $35 off your GetOutPass!
Helpful Tips

Jordanelle State Park Website. 

Use SALTPROJECT to get $35 off your GetOutPass! 

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