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There are those who love Disneyland and then there are THOSE who LOVE Disneyland.  

My entire family happens to be in the latter.  Yeah, Yeah, I know there are those of you who think we are all weirdos, but it's because you haven't been lately, or ever.  My gram's took my mom the opening year and almost every year after.  It's in my Asian blood people.  They aren't lying on those Disney commercials.  There is a magic there.  It's not even the rides (although they are super fun) it's just being there, the Happiest Place on Earth.  No small detail is overlooked, from the music that greets you at Main Street, to the music that sadly says goodbye when it's time to close.  The only unhappy people there are the kids who just need a nap.  It's the one place where you all can wear Mickey Mouse shirts and people aren't going to judge you.  In fact, people judge you, if you aren't wearing some kind of Disney character.

Hater's gonna hate right?

Baby's First Disneyland Trip

Now, we know it's expensive, but I firmly believe it's compeltely worth every penny to go once.  So we've partnered with for an awesome Disneyland Deal!  Get Away Today is the leader in Disneyland Vacations and offers the best deals on hotels.  Starting today you can purchase Adult 3-day (and longer) Hopper tickets at kids' prices without any date restrictions in 2015!  (Say what?!)  The deal runs Monday November 24th through Sunday, November 30th.  It doesn't cost you anything more to book your trip with these guys, honestly, it saves money.

Plus, you can use the promo code "SaltProject" to save $10 off any 2-night or longer package (hotel and 2 ticket minimum.)

ANNNDD, you can also use their Layaway plan too! (Just $125 down and final payment is due 2 weeks before you travel. View their website for the rest of the details on the Layaway Plan.)

You know you want to become one of THOSE people who love Disneyland!  Click here for more info!  

Not only do they plan awesome Disney Vacations, but you can plan a vacation for right here in Utah.  You can easily use their website, or give them a call and tell them that you want "The Salt Project" deals!  Don't forget, it ends November 30th.


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