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We were visiting a family friend in Pocatello and we were looking for a fun activity for both the adults and kids to enjoy together. Our friends introduced us to frisbee golf. It was the perfect activity for the gaggle of kids between our two families and the adults to do together. We have been hooked on frisbee golf ever since. We have been trying to visit any frisbee golf course next to us. Boy, we were excited when one was put nearby in Kaysville just a few weeks ago! It is located at the Davis Applied Technical College.

Frisbee golf plays with very similar rules to golf.  You try to put the Frisbee golf in the basket with as few throws as possible. Lowest score will win. If you’re as *cough* good *cough* at frisbee golf as me your score will be so high you’ll probably loose count. (I hardly ever keep track anymore) My husband has become pretty competitive with it and scores regular golf scores. But here is the thing…… I still have a blast!!!! I love it. Scoring aside it was a fun way to have a walk in the park as family with lots of chatting and laughter.

The first hole at the DATC is located on the grass between DATC Drive and Laurelwood Drive. You can park in the visitor parking and walk south to the spot shown in the picture above. Or you can park on Laurelwood Drive next to the white fence (seen in the picture). You make your first throw from the concrete pad toward the basket at the end of the field.

When we take the kids we load up the littles in the stroller and the big kids walk. My husband and I each throw for the basket (holes). My husband usually can put the disc in the basket in 2-4 throws and I probably take 7+. After we have gotten our discs in the basket, we give the kids a try! They get to stand right by the basket and give it a go.

If you don’t want to complete all 15 holes for the course, just do half! Or you can even just take the kids to one basket and let them practice their skills! Check out the course map on the website.

(right- regular frisbee; left- disc golf disc)

Disc golf discs are different from regular Frisbees. If you are trying the sport for the first time or just letting your kids play at one basket then regular Frisbees are fine. But I promise you will notice a difference if you pick up disc golf discs. You will be able to throw farther and straighter.

Have you played before? Are there any Frisbee/Disc Golf Courses we should know about? Find a Disc Golf Course near you here!

About the Author: I am a mother of three and an adventure partner with my husband. I graduated with a B.S. in Geology and became a Utah transplant. I fell in love with the mountains of the Wasatch and the desert south. I like to find wild places.

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Helpful Tips
  • Stroller accessible over the grass
  • 15 holes
  • No restrooms on the course
  • Park in Visitor Parking on 600 S (DATC Drive) or on the street on Laurelwood Dr.

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