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Is it just me complaining about the heat? I feel like the last two weeks I've just hunkered down inside, next to my AC. The mornings/evenings don't seem to be any cooler, which just adds to my complaints. Luckily, we do have AC, so I am grateful for that. I just keep thinking back to a few months ago, when I didn't mind being out at 5 pm at Causey Reservoir. (This post is from earlier this summer, I've heard that right now, Causey is 15 feet below the waterline.)

(Check out this MilosTees shop! They've got some super cool Utah shirts.) It was refreshing. Right now, I think I'd just melt.

I'd already been out riding SUP boards (here) with family and friends, but somehow the husband never got to go. So I planned everything for a Friday night excursion with our little family. (Earlier posts here and here.)

Since the husband was with us, I felt much braver. He's a fish when it comes to water and I'm more of a log. I can float, but I probably couldn't save anyone. We decided to test out the babies patience and head as far back into Causey as possible.

Surprisingly, our 11 year old Lab "Kona" swam the whole way too. We used to go to Causey all the time before kids, but we probably had a good 4 year gap where the poor dog didn't get her summer swims in.

Orion gets pretty brave and loves to stick his little feet in the water while I paddle. Since he doesn't weigh much, he doesn't throw us off balance.

Little Aiko is quite the professional photographer with the GoPro.

If you go back far enough, you'll come across some giant cliffs. Since I'm a LOTR nerd, I like to use all sorts of jokes at this point. Luckily, my husband likes them too.

We had asked a complete stranger to take our photo, then I realized he was quite far away and could easily paddle off with our camera. For a slight moment I wondered. Luckily, he gave it back.

We were ALMOST to the Causey Fingers and then the kids gave up. We'd been paddling about 45 minutes or more. We let them off on shore for minute, literally a minute.

This is also when The Kona gave up. She wanted to ride the paddleboard too. Luckily, we've had lots of practice. She used to ride on our kayaks all the time, so I figured a paddleboard should be easier. (Yes, she is totally wearing a dog lifejacket.)

On the way back, we saw someone use a hidden rope swing! We watched someone safely jump...had we not brought the kids, we totally would have jumped too.

Once we got everyone settled, it was pretty smooth sailing.

We were almost to the shore and the sun was literally blinding!

After getting back to shore we packed up our SUPs. Since they are inflatable they are SUPER LIGHT!

Orion and I had to spend a few minutes throwing rocks in the water.

After all was packed we headed to the firepit (unofficial.) The firepit is on the south side of the dam. You can't camp here, but you can have a fire.

I had packed everything, chairs, chocolate, mallows, crackers, sandwiches, drinks, everything one needs for a fire dinner, all except the lighter.

Well, we did find ONE match. One match that would not light. Somehow Orion had picked up lighting matches in 2 minutes. Don't worry, he didn't light it and he was supervised the whole time.

We were literally the second to last vehicle on the dam. Luckily, we happened to meet the last person there with us. He had a lighter! Woot, woot! So we had our fire after all.

Fires and toddlers are hard to mix. Here the husband is dancing because Aiko almost stabbed him with her stick and hot mallow.

Here Orion is trying to grab the hot mallow of my hot stick.


Here Orion is mad because I took his mallow away. (He'd already had like 4 and I didn't notice his sister had gotten another somehow.)

The weird thing about Causey Reservoir is at 7 pm, there is literally no one around. People seem to only come in the morning/afternoons. By 6ish everyone is packing up to go. We literally had the whole shore to ourselves!

I tell you what, Causey has it all. Firepits, water, shade, cliff jumping, bathrooms (south end) camping (farther back in, you can camp if you paddle in.) It's the perfect way to end a summer night.

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