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 Utah winters can get a bit dull with the lack of snow. Al actually wrote this post for us a few months ago, but with all this rain and hazey weather, I thought it would be perfect for this weeked.

I have lived in Utah for about 20 years (nearly my entire life) and only recently visited Antelope Island. A relatively small island residing in the Salt Lake. Home to roughly 750 Bison, Mule Deer, a variety of birdlife and lots of bugs. (or so I've heard)

I drove my boys Crew & Milo there purely to get some fresh air, and rekindle our sense of adventure.

Utah winters can get a bit dull with the lack of snow. 

There is something so incredibly refreshing about wandering.

A sense of perspective that becomes so vivid while out in natures beauty. Opportunity to expose and teach our children is available today in such a wide variety.

Yet I think I'll always opt for the outdoor, natural world around us. 

Antelope Island is a fantastic place for hiking, biking, picnics, photography or simply a beautiful drive. I've yet to experience the crazy bugs you can get into - so would suggest a trip off season, when others think it too cold. 

It can make for a gorgeous day on the Island, almost all to yourselves! 

xo Al

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