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We hope you are all having a fabulous Valentine's Day!  We already celebrated Valentine's Day with the kids last week at Home Depot. 

You've probably all heard about it right?  Home Depot has free kids workshops every first Saturday of the month.  This month was a heart themed wooden flower pot, a perfect way to spend some time with the kids.  Free is hard to beat too.  We signed up on the Home Depot Website a few weeks in advance.  You do need to go and register.

It's open from 9-12 and is more of a first come first serve basis.  Sometimes they run out of materials, so make sure you sign up!

Little Riz was smart to find a Home Depot Bucket to help him work!

Here's what's included:

  • The Craft
  • A work station and all the tools, paints, nails, brushes, plates that you'll need to finish the craft.
  • Mini Home Depot Apron
  • A new pin for your Apron.  It's unique to the workshop every month.  (There were kids that had like 30!)
  • A certificate of completion when you finish
  • A sticker (a essential plus to a two year old.)

We got there right at 9, I didn't quite understand that it was an open house sort of thing, so there was hardly anyone around us.

 We had a table all to ourselves, which, was good, because Aiko had to sit on the table so she could "work." 

While Aiko might have been too young to nail the wood together, she totally mastered the painting.  Luckily, we didn't even make a mess.  Since we only had one kid it only took us 15 minutes or so and we were out of there! 

Aiko's cute bow is from Jellabee from Etsy. (She's local!)

If you are a collector, you might want to consider going to Home Depot to start your pin collection.   When we saw how many kids who were veteran's (at least 20+ pins) we knew we would be back! 

The new workshop is already open for registration, so be sure to register today!

Also, Lowe's has a workshop for kids called Lowe's Build and & Grow.  I compared what craft Home Depot and Lowe's were doing and decided which one would be a better fit for us.  Lucky for us, we have both so close, so we can always try Lowe's next time!

9-12 First Saturday of the Month
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Arrive early.

I saw a couple people just pick up the craft and head home to avoid the crowds.

Have fun!

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