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Utah, oh, my, hot! 

Good Land, it has been SOOOO HOT! I thought we were going to melt this weekend. Luckily, Utah has some pretty good splash pads. We'd love to see you favorites too! Be sure to tag #thesaltproject, so we can see your photos, plus this week we are giving away a prize! Check out the original post here

We decided to try out the Foxboro North Splash Pad in North Salt Lake, thanks to Britney's suggestion. We'd just been to the Fire Station Park but as soon as we got to the Splash Pad, it got all overcast. Crazy Utah weather. (Ellis' sweet romper is from SophiaMBoutique, we'll be doing a giveaway with one soon!)

We sat right in the middle so we could watch the kids at the splash park and then watch the other kids playing on the playground. 

It's pretty awesome. 

Now, I'm kind of new at the whole Mama thing. I was sweating like crazy in the heat so I brought my swim suit along. Come to find out, it's not normal for the mamas to be playing out in the splash pad with the kids...I mean, there were a few mamas out there, but I felt like I probably shouldn't be out there. I dunno. Anyone else notice this? Is there like some unspoken rule about this? 

My swim top is from Candy Strand and it's reversible! I kind of love it. 

This splash was one of the bigger ones I've been too. While it didn't have the buckets and water slides, it did have a wide open space and lots of water shooting out. 

This park was built right. It had covers over the playground so it wouldn't get hot. 

The ground had a spongy bounce to it and didn't get hot either. 

The babies were able to crawl all over. 

All in all, I feel like this park was excellent. I'm sure we'll be back, it had everything! So tell me, where is your favorite water park? What tips do you have for us? As always, remember to tag #thesaltproject, we want to see your adventures! Make sure to #thesaltproject before Wednesday too, as we are giving away a sweet pair of Westwood Sunglasses!

Have you seen this huge list of Splash Pads? Like 60 of them! Check out the link here on Coupons4Utah.

Helpful Tips

I haven't been able to find the hours, one website said it was closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I'm not sure. 

  • Soccer Fields ( I remember a sign saying not for public use.)
  • Splash pad
  • Pavilions/picnic areas (Only shaded area other than the park.)
  • Walking Path
  • Playground
  • Bathrooms -Nice
  • Showers

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