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I have passed by Fort Zion dozens of times on my trips to and from Zion and never stopped before. Fort Zion is located just off the main road in Virgin Utah, just 15 minutes west of Zion. You can’t miss it because there are giant, old fashioned looking forts in the front. There is a gift shop, a diner, and a petting zoo. In the hunt for some new things to do with the kiddos, we decided to take them to Fort Zion for dinner one evening.

We had no idea what to expect, and it was such a pleasant surprise. The girl in the gift shop was extremely friendly and welcoming. We were all super hungry, so we headed straight to the diner and ordered burgers and fries. There was a very cute saddle seat that my girls fought over....ha ha. I ordered a regular burger, Chris (my hubby) ordered the buffalo burger, and we ordered a kids burger for the girls to share. To be honest, I didn’t expect the food to be that great, so I was extremely happy when it turned out to be the best burger I have eaten in a long time.

 The burgers were huge. My husband and I could have ordered one to share and been good. The buffalo burger was amazing as well, and my girls did great with their kid's burger. It was plenty big to share. While we were eating, the old fashioned piano in the corner turned on and started playing music. It looked like a ghost was playing the piano, so my kids were fascinated.

After we had finished eating, we browsed around the gift shop and then bought tickets for a dollar per person and some carrots to feed the animals in the petting zoo. The carrots were only 3 for a dollar. The area with the petting zoo is located just behind the old fashioned forts, so we let the kids explore the forts and then headed over to the petting zoo. The petting zoo had llamas, a donkey, a deer, and horses. So not a ton of animals but it was still fun to feed and pet them.

When we had finished feeding the animals, we headed back inside to get some homemade ice cream and waffle cones. It was amazing! We ordered mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream and went and sat outside on the picnic benches. It was a beautiful evening, and the covered patio was very charming.

Next time you are headed to Zion make sure to check out this fun little stop with the kiddos.

I am a moma of three living the dream in Southern Utah. I am a photographer, outdoor lover, follower of dreams, and founder of Zion Adventure Photog. @zionadventurephotog

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