Flynn's Retrocade | Utah's Classic Arcade

This place wins from the second you walk in the door and wipe your feet on Han Solo encased in carbonite while greeted with the sweet sounds of 80's music. We pretend like we were taking our kids out for fun family night out, but really when Flynn's invited us to stop by, it was the adults that were the most excited. Being born in the 80's, this place holds more nostalgia than I care to admit!

We opted for the all day, unlimited pass, but they also offer an hour long admission as well. Which would have probably been a better choice with our little ones, as they ended up lasting just about an hour before they were ready to head out... we'll be back without kids sometime for a fun date night as we were in the middle of a heated Tetris battle when the kids started getting tired.

They had a pretty sweet soda bar, offering a huge variety of specialty drinks. And cool chaser lights that mimicked Tron almost spot on!

When you pay for admittance you get to play all the games for free for as long as you're there, except pinball. They have a separate little room in the back that still takes change to operate the pinball machines. They were pretty cheaply priced though.

The rest of the games were free, no matter how many times your preschooler immediately drove his race car straight into the barrier or got his frog run over by a truck... time, and time again. They kids LOVED it though and it was so fun that they could just play without constantly having to feed quarters into a machine.

It was awesome to find something fun that Dad could really enjoy doing with the little ones and they had a blast sitting on his lap shooting, while he steered. 

Also, it was pretty awesome passing along some of our favorite childhood memories to our kids.

It was also really cool of them to furnish the place with both regular and bar height chairs so that our kids could play on their own without us needing to hold them up in order to reach, well played Flynn's.

My boys have already planned out their next trip back to "The Awesome Video Game Place," I'm glad we found this fun little building. We went on a Monday night and there were empty machines the entire time. People were pretty good about rotating around and we were easily able to play every game we wanted. They did mention it gets a little busier on weeknights however... which is to be expected.


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